The Next Ones Four Round NHL Mock Draft

The first two rounds of The Next Ones 2016 NHL Mock Draft Final Edition have been previously posted with detailed commentary:

The following table features picks from rounds 1 to 4 with Prospect Profiler Notes on each player:

Printable PDF Version

Link: 2016 The Next Ones Final Mock Draft Rankings Four Rounds With Notes


  • The table display approximately 35-40 of the prospects at a time; simply scroll down to view the other prospects.
  • Only a portion of the table displays by default; you can scroll over to see the rest of the player demographics and Prospect Profiler Notes or select “View full-size workbook” option, which is the icon in the bottom right hand corner, to view the full table.
  • The second sheet in the spreadsheet groups prospects drafted by team
  • A link to Elite Prospects statistics for most of the players is also included (click on individual player name).
  • The table is searchable – CTRL/Command “F” on the table brings up the search feature.
  • The colouring scheme was originally created by E-Mac and highlights prospects and the round they will go in. I left it in as a handy comparator.


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