THW Style Guide

Every writer should be well versed with Style Guides and THW supports the usage of the AP Style Guide. We also have a few items that might be more specific to The Hockey Writers so we thought we’d develop our own Style Guide.


Punctuation and Related Matters

  •  Spacing after a period. Only 1 space comes after a period.
  • The Oxford comma, we use it. example:  the game was full of hits, great saves, and solid defense.
  • Double Hyphen, the use of “–” is Not valid, it stems from old printing when a printer would convert it to a “m dash”. We do not use double-hyphens.



Always digit then descriptor:  5 foot 10 inches unless used as an adjective.

He stood 6 foot 3 inches.

The 6-foot-1-inch defenseman

more on heights…


  • When using numbers in a Title please use the digit.  ex  “Top 6 NHL Defensemen”
  • No punctuation in titles
  • The Curious Case of…   is never a good idea for a Title


NHL Draft

When mentioning a particular draft year, whether it’s in the content or as a TAG use the following format:   year-NHL-draft  ex. “2012 NHL draft”

Stanley Cup – after introducing it Capitalized is it then referred to as ‘the cup’ or ‘the Cup’ ?  It should be ‘the Cup’ as it is a proper identifier and not a generic term.

backup not back up or back-up, when referring to a goaltending position. Of course ‘back up’ is valid when referring to the action to back up.

beside or besides  Beside means “next to”, while Besides means “apart from” ex. the best player ever besides Gretzky

defenceman or defenseman ? It’s a Canadian vs. US thing. Typically using a ‘c’ is British/Canadian while in the US they mainly use the ‘s’, both are fine (ignore spellcheck on this one).

faceoff  – this is the noun, to face off would be the verb

forecheck – not fore-check

homestand – not home stand

leaderboard – not leader board

matchup – not “match-up”

Resign vs. Re-sign  Resign means to quit a position while re-sign means signing a new contract.

Setup or Set Up Setup is a noun: the setup on the power play was dynamite – set up when a verb: they were set up to fail

Shoo-in not Shoe-in  [explanation]

Player Names

Sven Baertschi Not Sven Bartschi


  • No nicknames
  • No NHL or AHL team names
  • Tournaments:  WJHC, U-18 WJHC
  • 2015 NHL Draft – is the way we would Tag Draft posts, don’t include the word Entry
  • We can use popular team Hashtags (do not include the # symbol), example:  stlblues, preds, habs

Teams sub-topics

TeamName Topic  example: Lightning Goaltending or Penguins Draft

acceptable sub-topic Tags:  Draft, History, Management, Goaltending, Prospects



Affect vs. Effect

Lead or Led

Mould or Mold (both are correct, just British/Canadian vs. American English).



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