Top 5 Hockey Christmas Videos of 2013

It’s that time of year — when the stockings are hung, the trees are trimmed, and hockey players all over the world are putting down their sticks and picking up mugs full of holiday cheer.

We’ve seen some spectacular efforts in the past, particularly those from the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks.  This year has some strong competition:

Honorable Mention –  Ryerson Women’s Hockey

They’ve got leg-guitar, doing ‘the worm’ on ice, and a Madonna/Lady Gaga-inspired jock-strap-as-outerwear.  Nice work, ladies.

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5. The Virden Oil Capitals

The Virden Oil Caps play in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League. These guys know the true meaning of Christmas: synchronized snow angels on ice while lip syncing to Andy Williams.  I’m particularly fond of locker room story time.

The real star of the performance, though, is defenseman Curtis Houlden’s epic mustache.

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4. The St. Louis Blues

What they lack in vocal talent, they make up for with…      Hmm…
Hey, check out those sweaters!

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And don’t miss the outtakes that were so bravely rescued from the cutting room floor.


3. The Chicago Gay Hockey Association

Impassioned vocals, choreographed ice routines, and a kickline. A kickline. Amazing.

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Did you see the kickline?!  On ice?!


2. The Nashville Predators

Now things get serious.  We’ve got wigs, a double-necked stand-up bass (with flames!),  and a four-necked guitar/bass combo instrument played (sometimes all necks simultaneously) by an exuberant Seth Jones.

The most convincing musical performance comes from Gnash, the Preds’ mascot.  That’s saying something.

A solid effort, and one that looked like a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, though, it fell just short of the top spot.

1. The San Jose Sharks

Nobody’s topping this one. The Sharks have given us an epic six-minute holiday party extravaganza.

From the broadcast team breaking down the party to Dan Boyle’s comedy stylings (“That’s not a puck, it’s a duck!” / “Tinselitis!”), this clip has a little of everything.

Where else can you see Antti Niemi mistake an aloe plant for mistletoe, only to have the team’s COO, John Tortora, call it a cactus?

Brent Burns even channels his inner Hanson brother, playing with plastic swords and rubber snakes in a pile of wrapping paper. (I was waiting for him to ask for some root beer.)

The only thing missing was a nice, rousing sing-a-long. Of course, the Sharks have done that before (in 2011 and 2008), so it’s nice to see them keep things fresh for the holidays.

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