Top 15 Eddie Lack Tweets

It’s a sad time of year for hockey fans all around. All of the big name free agents have found new homes (sorry, Cody Franson), and with the exception of Lou Lamoreillo being a ninja, hockey news has gone into cruise control.

While hockey fans everywhere are suffering, arguably its a little bit worse in Vancouver this offseason. After surprising most with a 101-point campaign along with second spot in the Pacific Division, almost everybody is assuming Vancouver will take a big step back this year. THW columnist Larry Fisher has Vancouver finishing second-last in the West behind the lowly Coyotes in his offseason standings predictions. Kind of hard to argue with that assessment when you look at the other teams they have to compete with in the West.

Gone are some fan favourites and three of the best soundbites on the team. The trade of Kevin Bieksa was inevitable because of his age, his contract and his declining play. The Zack Kassian trade was questionable considering the return, but management obviously decided that he wasn’t a player they wanted to move forward with.

But trading Eddie Lack? Almost a month after the deal I’m still scratching my head searching for answers. Lack was the best goalie on this roster, in terms of his numbers and in how he handled the media. In short, Lack had the perfect persona to deal with the scrutiny that a Canucks netminder has to face. When he was on the ice, he gave this team its best chance of winning.

The return for Lack was peanuts considering what the other goalies on the market brought back. You could argue that he is a better goalie than any of Robin Lehner, Cam Talbot, or Martin Jones. He played more games than any of those three goalies last season, and while his performance in relief of Miller wasn’t quite as jaw-dropping as Talbot’s performance, he also didn’t have the star-studded defence in front of him. At the very least he is just as good as that group of goalies. Yet two of those goalies garnered a first-round pick in return, while the Talbot trade brought back a second and a third-round pick to New York.

The trade also brought Benning’s credibility into question, especially after he told season ticket holders that he could have traded Ryan Miller. Considering Miller’s age and contract, the return for him wouldn’t have been great. However if all you could muster for your best goalie was a third and seventh round pick, was it really worth trading him at all?

Instead of being bitter about it, why not be happy for Eddie Lack and his new opportunity in Carolina. He has a great chance to compete for the Hurricanes starting goalie spot against  Cam Ward, and that battle should be interesting to watch as the season plays out. While Carolina’s starter has yet to be determined, one guarantee is that the “Eddie” chants will return when Lack and the Hurricanes come to Vancouver on January 6th.

Not to mention, Lack is one of the most entertaining hockey players to be following on Twitter. Whether it’s his love for tacos or his goaltending bromance, he is one guy you need to be following on Twitter. Here are 15 reasons why:

15) No more twin sandwiches, maybe ask Eric and Jordan Staal for take two?


14) Lack’s beauty advice:


13) What could possibly be better than taco’s and bromance?


12) After the trade deadline:



11) So when does the bromance with Cam Ward begin?


10) Sign me up if Lack starts teaching Swedish classes:

Might be a tad more entertaining that Mike Gillis’ sports law classes.     

9) You could miss out on some valuable lessons:


8) I see a reality TV star in the making:


7) Or perhaps he would be better suited as a sports analyst:


6) Love your teammates like you love yourself


5) Wikipedia knows all:


4) A Luongo-esque tweet:


Talk about a backup taking points from the starter:


3) Further proof that Luongo is an amazing role model:



2) Sometimes we all just wish they were still teammates:

1) Bromance at its finest:

I hope this list slightly cheered up your offseason, and feel free to post any other favourite Eddie Lack tweets below. Remember that if you don’t agree with this list, don’t blame me, blame Tanev.