Video: Marcus Sorensen Makes Incredible Assist in CHL Play

Marcus Sorensen of Djurgarden Stockholm put together an incredible play in Tuesday’s CHL Round of 16 match against Lukko Rauma.

The team’s top scorer (designated by the CRAMMO sticker on his helmet) took the puck up the boards, toe-dragged an opponent and passed the puck backwards to get the play going that lead to a pretty beautiful goal in the first leg of the Round of 16.

Take a look at the play below.*

It was a pretty incredible play, showcasing some high-level hockey IQ. Though it wouldn’t be enough, with Stockholm losing the match 2-1.

So far in the CHL tournament, Sorensen has added two goals and five assists through seven games. Back in the SHL, Stockholm’s domestic league, Sorensen has five goals and five assists through 15 regular season matches.

Sorensen was a 2010 draft pick of the Ottawa Senators (4th round, 106th overall) and according to Elliotte Friedman’s “30 Thoughts” column this week, may make the jump to the NHL circuit next season.

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* Apologies for no credit on this GIF. The GIF was passed to me and I have been unable to track down its creator.