WP 101

Featured Image

In our case, Featured Images are used on the Homepage and in our Sidebar listings as well as the thumbnail on Team pages. They are also the image that gets shared across our Social Media accounts when we market a post. So – it is important to set a strong featured image with each post. Please use images in our Library, if you feel the need to upload something you should get approval first. We will only accept images we have rights to use and will not upload images that we do not have license to use. Again, if uncertain about copyright just stick to our library. Featured images will not appear inside your post but it is fine to use the same image within a post then again as a featured image. To see how to add a Featured Image you can skip ahead to the 2:00 mark.

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Using Paragraph Headings

(note: the icon name for dropping down the second row of formatting icons has been change from Kitchen Sink to Toggle Toolbar)


How to create a Link in your post.

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