Andrew Ladd: Leading by Example

Andrew Ladd has been the captain of the Thrashers/Jets for 3 years and is starting to flourish in the role.

It’s not an easy task to become a captain for a NHL team. To show true leadership by not only a voice in the locker room but also to produce on the ice as well for others to follow.

Andrew Ladd was given the C on his Jet’s jersey in 2011 (after having the C for a season in Atlanta) and he has grown into an ideal captain for the Winnipeg Jets. Having won two Stanley Cups already in his young 8-year career. The left-winger has taken a strong leadership role in Winnipeg with the experience of two Stanley Cup runs in Carolina and Chicago .

Where did it start?

When you look at the list of current captains in the NHL currently, Ladd is not the first person you think of. Names like Crosby, Toews, and Chara are some of the top tier names one think of. However, Ladd has a history with one of these household captains.

Jonathan Toews, of the Chicago Blackhawks, was Ladd’s captain during his 3 year tenure in the windy city.

Toews is not known for a loud voice in the locker room, but he has the kind of voice you want in a captain. The kind that speaks softly and carries a big stick one could say even. Toews is tied in goals for the Blackhawks and is 2nd in total points for the team.  Ladd learned something from Toews during his time in Chicago and it’s really starting to show. Especially during the past week Ladd had in the NHL.

Ladd gets first star of the week in the NHL

Ladd had a 7-game point streak snapped in Buffalo Monday night (Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports)
Ladd had a 7-game point streak snapped in Buffalo Monday night (Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports)

The Winnipeg Jets have been hot lately during their 6-game home stand, registering a point in each game. Ending the stand at 5-0-1, losing the sole game on the final game to the Islanders in a shootout.

In the 6 game leading up to their home stand, Ladd had registered only 1 point. But once the Jets got home, they ended their own slump and Ladd got into his own rhythm.

In the all 6 home games, Ladd had registered at least a point per game. Giving him a 7 game point streak, which ended Monday night in a win against the Sabres, his longest of the season.

But nothing was more impressive than what he had done the final three games of the home stand. Ladd registered a total of 8 points in 3 games. Giving the team 2 goals and 6 assists. Giving the captain first star of the week honors in the NHL for the week.

Including this helper to Bryan Little that tied the game at 4 against the Islanders.

Ladd also registered a goal in the shootout but it wasn’t enough as the Islanders were able to take 2 points in the shootout.

With the 8 points in the 3 games, it brings Ladd’s total to 46 for the season, 18 goals and 28 assists.

Coming up clutch

Ladd has even been the go to guy in high tense situations. When the team is in need of that game winning goal, Ladd is a guy who answers. With 4 game winning goals on the year, Ladd is tied for the team lead, right with Evander Kane. The Jets might be a young team with a considered young captain, Ladd is 27, they appear to be in good hands for years to come.

The Jets continue to battle for a playoff position, with still a chance to win the Southeast and a 3 seed or sneaking in with a 8 or even 7 seed. With Andrew Ladd leading this team, don’t count this team out just yet, despite the uphill climb they are facing.