Dallas Stars Schedule – 2023-24

10/12/20238:00St. Louis Blues
10/17/202310:30@Vegas Golden Knights
10/19/202310:00@Anaheim Ducks
10/21/20238:00Philadelphia Flyers
10/24/20237:30@Pittsburgh Penguins
10/26/20238:00Toronto Maple Leafs
10/30/20238:00Columbus Blue Jackets
11/1/20238:30@Calgary Flames
11/2/20239:00@Edmonton Oilers
11/4/202310:00@Vancouver Canucks
11/6/20238:00Boston Bruins
11/9/20237:00@Columbus Blue Jackets
11/11/20234:00@Winnipeg Jets
11/12/20236:00@Minnesota Wild
11/14/20238:00Arizona Coyotes
11/18/20239:00Colorado Avalanche
11/20/20238:00New York Rangers
11/22/20239:30Vegas Golden Knights
11/24/20238:30Calgary Flames
11/28/20238:00@Winnipeg Jets
11/30/20239:00@Calgary Flames
12/2/20232:00Tampa Bay Lightning
12/4/20237:00@Tampa Bay Lightning
12/6/20237:00@Florida Panthers
12/7/20237:00@Washington Capitals
12/9/20234:00Vegas Golden Knights
12/11/20238:00Detroit Red Wings
12/15/20238:00Ottawa Senators
12/16/20238:00@St. Louis Blues
12/18/20238:00Seattle Kraken
12/21/20238:00Vancouver Canucks
12/23/20233:00@Nashville Predators
12/27/20238:00@St. Louis Blues
12/29/20238:00Chicago Blackhawks
12/31/20238:00Chicago Blackhawks
1/2/20248:00Montreal Canadiens
1/4/20248:00Colorado Avalanche
1/6/20248:00Nashville Predators
1/8/20248:00@Minnesota Wild
1/10/20247:30Minnesota Wild
1/12/20248:00Nashville Predators
1/13/20248:00@Chicago Blackhawks
1/16/20248:00Los Angeles Kings
1/18/20247:00@Philadelphia Flyers
1/20/20247:00@New Jersey Devils
1/21/20247:30@New York Islanders
1/23/20247:00@Detroit Red Wings
1/25/20248:00Anaheim Ducks
1/27/20242:00Washington Capitals
2/6/20247:00@Buffalo Sabres
2/7/20247:00@Toronto Maple Leafs
2/10/20241:00@Montreal Canadiens
2/13/20248:00Carolina Hurricanes
2/15/20249:00@Nashville Predators
2/17/202412:30Edmonton Oilers
2/19/20241:00@Boston Bruins
2/20/20247:00@New York Rangers
2/22/20247:00@Ottawa Senators
2/24/20247:00@Carolina Hurricanes
2/26/20248:00New York Islanders
2/27/20249:00@Colorado Avalanche
2/29/20248:00Winnipeg Jets
3/2/20248:00San Jose Sharks
3/5/202410:30@San Jose Sharks
3/8/202410:00@Anaheim Ducks
3/9/202410:30@Los Angeles Kings
3/12/20248:00Florida Panthers
3/14/20248:00New Jersey Devils
3/16/20248:00Los Angeles Kings
3/20/20248:00Arizona Coyotes
3/22/20248:00Pittsburgh Penguins
3/24/20248:00@Arizona Coyotes
3/26/202410:30@San Jose Sharks
3/28/202410:00@Vancouver Canucks
3/30/202410:00@Seattle Kraken
4/3/20249:00Edmonton Oilers
4/6/20244:30@Chicago Blackhawks
4/7/202410:00@Colorado Avalanche
4/9/20248:00Buffalo Sabres
4/11/20248:00Winnipeg Jets
4/13/20243:00Seattle Kraken
4/17/20249:30St. Louis Blues

The Dallas Stars are a professional ice hockey team based in Dallas, Texas. The franchise was established in 1967 as the Minnesota North Stars and played there until 1993 when they relocated to Dallas. The team’s move to Texas marked a significant shift, and they were subsequently rebranded as the Dallas Stars. The Stars have experienced both highs and lows throughout their history, but they’ve managed to capture the hearts of fans and achieve remarkable success, including winning the Stanley Cup in 1999.

The Stars’ championship victory in 1999 remains a highlight in the team’s legacy. Led by legendary players like Mike Modano, Brett Hull, and Ed Belfour, the Stars showcased a strong defensive style of play that propelled them to victory over the Buffalo Sabres in a memorable six-game Stanley Cup Final series. The championship marked a triumphant moment for the franchise and further solidified hockey’s presence in the southern United States.

The team plays its home games at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, a modern arena that provides an energetic and engaging atmosphere for fans. Over the years, the Stars have continued to be a competitive force in the NHL, often relying on a blend of seasoned veterans and emerging talent. The Stars’ commitment to community engagement and their enthusiastic fan base has helped them maintain a strong presence in the Dallas sports landscape. As they strive for future success, the Stars remain a key player in the NHL and a symbol of the sport’s growing popularity in non-traditional hockey markets.