David Pastrnak: The New Bruin on the Block

With their first round pick in the 2014 draft, 25th overall, the Boston Bruins selected forward David Pastrnak. Pastrnak, a native of the Czech Republic, will fit in nicely with the Bruins squad but don’t expect to be seeing him in the Spoked-B in the near future.

Pastrnak’s Strengths

Though he hails from the Czech Republic, Pastrnak played his most recent season of hockey with Sodertalje in Sweden. During the first 36 games of the season, he garnered eight goals and 16 assists as well as 24 penalty minutes.

It has been noted that Pastrnak is a speedy player who has excellent playmaking abilities. This fits in with the Bruins current need to pick up the pace of their game and provides them with a player that isn’t afraid to make the play to get the goal. theScore’s Chris Battaglia adds that

David Pastrnak likes to use his breakaway speed and deft hands to catch defenders off-guard, often leading to a clear scoring chance for him or a teammate. He possesses a quick shot, but often elects to pass if the play is available.

With these abilities and traits, Pastrnak appears to be exactly what the Bruins need for the future of their team.

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Pastrnak’s Weaknesses

A talented player with a pretty high hockey IQ, Pastrnak is not without his weaknesses. Standing 6’0″ tall and tipping the scales at only 168 lbs, Pastrnak will need to add some size and strength before stepping onto the ice against some of the big players in the NHL. The Hockey Writer’s own Shawn Reznik stated that“The real issue in his game is his toughness and ability to play against stronger players. His offensive potential is through the roof, but speed and skill can only get you so far.” If Pastrnak wants to make it in the NHL, he will have no other choice but to work on these things. The Bruins are a notably tough team made up of players that aren’t afraid to take a hit or give a hit to make a play and Pastrnak will have to learn and adapt to their style of play to succeed.

Though he has these weaknesses, his strengths fit with what the Bruins need to add. During his development, should he be signed to a deal with the Bruins, Pastrnak will have a chance to learn the things he’s currently missing and will have the opportunity to become an excellent all around player.

A Bonus for Both David Pastrnak and Bruins Fans

While NHL players are not without their noted strengths and weaknesses, Bruins fans can be assured that Pastrnak will try his absolute best to develop the skills he’s missing while retaining the abilities he already has. Pastrnak’s plan for making it into the NHL is to emulate his idol – current Boston Bruin, David Krejci.

Stephen Harris of the Boston Herald adds that:

“I plan to play like Krejci,” said Pastrnak. “From when I was small he was my idol. I wish I will meet him. I’m really interested in learning from him. It’s going to be great.”

Time will tell if Pastrnak makes it into the NHL. He has a few things going against him, but his talent and skills far outweigh his negatives. If he plans to “play like Krejci” and is successful, the Bruins will have one talented young forward on their team in future years.