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They Wore it Once Collection

A player’s jersey number is a vital part of the hockey fan experience. It’s how we recognize a player on the ice and if we like a player enough, we’ll wear that number on our backs. Some players are so synonymous with their numbers that the number can be used in place of the last names—#99 – Wayne Gretzky, #66 – Mario Lemieux, #87 – Sidney Crosby, #97 – Connor McDavid. These players may share a number with players who came before them, but now, their numbers are as recognizable as their names.

Likewise, some teams have numbers that have been worn by many players with no one wearing the number for more than a few seasons. In contrast, there are numbers that are less common either because they haven’t been requested often or because it was retired following a player’s career. This collection of articles is about the numbers that have only been worn once in a franchise’s history.