Get To Know Lyudmila Belyakova

With the first NWHL season underway, the great characters that make up this league have a lot to be told about. Lyudmila Belyakova was the first Russian player to get signed in the NWHL and is now a member of the New York Riveters. The Hockey Writers talked with Lyudmila in her native language, Russian, right after she played a tournament in Europe with her national team. In this exclusive interview, Lyudmila talked about her adaptation to a new country, the differences between playing in North America and Russia, and living in NY.

– Lyudmila, why did you decide to go playing overseas in North America?

– It was my dream since my childhood and now that the NWHL was established, I decided that it was the right time to test myself and to go there [to North America].

– Was your family happy about your decision?

– Of course, my parents were very happy and always supported me.

– The start of the season wasn’t good for the Riveters. What about you?

– Well, it can be said that it wasn’t good for me either, it’s my team and we’re losing games right now.

– How is your adaptation going? How good is your English now?

– Once I’ll be back to America I’ll almost have to start over again, but I think that this time it will be much easier, after all I know already what to expect. Regarding my English… I can’t say that it’s great, but it’s better than it was when I first got here to America.

– What kind of differences did you notice between the NWHL and the Russian Championship?

– In my opinion I’d say that the speed is very different. Here [in the NWHL] the game is much faster and you need to take decisions much faster.

Lyudmila Belyakova
(Lyudmila Belyakova. Photo Credit: RIHF)

– What about the different ice surface?

– I have to say that I didn’t find such a big difference.

– Why New York? Did you have any other offer?

– New York in the USA is pretty much like Moscow in Russia, that’s why I decided to move to a big city which is a bit as I live back at home. But if I’ll get offers from other cities, I’ll be happy to discuss them.

– How do you like living in NY?

– I like it a lot, we live near the bay. Just ten minutes to the rink, therefore we can spend almost the whole day skating and having extra practices. In my free time I like having a walk, I try to spend my time in the most advantageous way as possible.

– Did you manage to stay in touch with other Russian girls in the league?

– Not yet, we haven’t had a chance to talk while in America.

– And what about Russian players in the NHL?

– I am yet to visit a game, but I have some phone calls with some of the players. I plan visiting an NHL game soon!

Lyudmila Belyakova
The New York Riveters’ Lyudmila Belyakova meets fans. Photo by Troy Parla.

– Who is your favorite player?

– I like many players and I try to get from them as much as possible. But since the childhood my favorite player is [KHL veteran] Maxim Rybin. I wear the #9 in his honor.

– And why you wear the #10 with the national team?

– #9 was gone, they offered me to play with the #10, although I played with the #12 in the junior national team (it’s the day of my birth). Then I moved to the #10 and I still play with it while on the national team.

– What has been the highlight of your career so far?

– Well, it can be said that each season has its ups and downs.

In a recent interview we learned that Janine Weber is an excellent orange juggler. Do you have any interesting hobby?

– I like doing what I want depending on my mood. But more often than everything I am practicing, I love working on myself, both on and off the ice. I have a very good friend, Alexander Khomutov, he’s a hockey player too, I practiced with him the whole summer and in America I miss a lot these practices.

– If you could choose, what would you pick? The Olympic gold or the NWHL title?

– That’s a good question! Probably I’d take the Olympic gold, I couldn’t miss this chance if Russia will be a good competitor. After all the Olympics are only once every four year, while the NWHL is played every season.

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