Inaction by Cheveldayoff Will Cost Jets at Trade Deadline

The Winnipeg Jets find themselves in a very difficult position this season heading into the trade deadline. General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff and his team have some tough decisions to make about what this team is and where they are. Today the Jets sit nine points out of a playoff spot. The team has the ability to go on a run and get back into the race, but the Jets are likely out of it. However, that small chance seems to be stalling some much needed action by management. The Jets need to decide now if they are buyers or sellers, and they need to decided if they want to pony up, and pay their free agents the big bucks, or if they are folding and want to trade some pieces away.

Cheveldayoff Needs to Make up his Mind

Darren Dreger, TSN Insider, was a guest on TSN 1290 radio in Winnipeg earlier this week and provided some concerning news for Jets fans.

Well, I mean I had one general manager tell me today that the league is somewhat paralyzed – which I think is an exaggeration, but this is how it was described to me – waiting for the Winnipeg Jets to make a decision. Are they going to be able to sign both Byfuglien and Ladd…

The Winnipeg Jets haven’t made that determination yet. There is a possibility that they’re able to sign both of those guys and keep the team intact. But they haven’t formally decided whether they can do that, or whether or not Ladd or someone else is going to hit the market

Darren Dreger via TSN 1290 Winnipeg

We are now under a month away from the trade deadline, and the fact that there is not a plan in place from the Jets front office should worry Jets fans. They have two players that have been major pieces in this franchise since the move to Winnipeg, and neither of them have a contract past this season. Each day that passes, the Jets lose some leverage in negotiations, and lose some worth on the trade market. The Winnipeg Jets cannot afford to lose either of these player for nothing. Especially in the middle of a season that seems to be going nowhere for the Winnipeg Jets.

Decisions need to be made immediately about the chances to re-sign both of these players, and if that card is not in their hands, trade talks should start now. Inaction and indecisiveness by Cheveldayoff will do nothing but hurt the team. The Jets have seen that before with the likes of Michael Frolik, who was neither signed or traded in his last season and signed a deal in Calgary once becoming a free agent. The Jets cannot afford to waste Byfuglien or Ladd in that matter, there has to be a return for two of your best players.