NCHC Hockey: Breaking Down the Numbers Half Way Point


After half of season of league play, here’s a few of the numbers from the National Collegiate Hockey Conference.

At the halfway point, the Saint Cloud State Huskies own the best record (12-4-4, 7-3-2 NCHC) record. The Huskies are 5-1-2 in non-conference play.

At the halfway point, Colorado College Tigers own the worst record (2-16-4, 2-7-3 NCHC). The Tigers are also 0-9-1 in non-conference play.  The Tigers non-conference record is actually hurting the  NCHC’s Pairwise Rankings.

Saint Cloud State is the top scoring team in the NCHC, the Huskies scoring 2.85 goals per game. Colorado College is the lowest scoring team in the NCHC, the Tigers are scoring 1.77 goals per game. Saint Cloud State has the best defense in the NCHC, giving up 2.13 goals per game. Colorado College has worst defense in the NCHC, giving up 3.36 goals against per game.

Special teams, Nebraska-Omaha has the NCHC’s best power play (14/59, 23.7%). Denver has the NCHC’s best penalty kill (52/58, 89/7%).

Riley Barber, Miami (14g-18a—32pts) and Miami’s Austin Czarnik, Miami (10g-19a—29pts) are the top scorers (all games) in the NCHC. Nebraska-Omaha’s Josh Archibald lead the NCHC in goals with 17 (all games). Miami’s Austin Czarnik leads the NCHC in assists with 19 (all games).

UND defenseman Dillon SImpson, Eric Classen UND Athletics
UND defenseman Dillon SImpson, (Eric Classen UND Athletics)

NCHC Points Scoring (conference games)

1   Justin Kovacs, WMU, (7-g-7a—14pts)
Tie Chase Balisy , WMU, (6g-8a—14pts)
3   Josh Archibald, UNO, (9g-4a—13pts)
4   Quentin Shore, DU, (4g-8a—12pts)
Tie Alex Iafallo, UMD, (7g-5a—12pts)
Tie Jonny Brodzinski,  SCSU, (7g-5a—12pts)
Tie Riley Barber, MU, (6g-6a—12pts)
Tie David Morley, SCSU, (4g-8a—12pts)
9   Nic Dowd, SCSU, (6g-5a—11pts)
Tie Brock Montpetit, UNO, (4g-7a—11pts)
Tie Dillon Simpson, UND, (3g-8a—11pts)
Tie Shane Berschbach, WMU, (3g-8a—11pts)

NCHC goal scoring (conference games)

1  Josh Archibald, UNO,
2   Alex Iafallo, UMD, 7
Tie Jonny Brodzinski, SCSU, 7
Tie Justin Kovacs, WMU, 7
5   Riley Barber, MU, 6
Tie Nic Dowd, SCSU, 6
Tie Chase Balisy, WMU, 6
Tie Josh Pitt, WMU, 6

NCHC defenseman scoring (conference games)

1   Dillon Simpson, UND, (3g-8a—11pts)
2   Joey LaLeggia, DU, (5g-5a—10pts)
Tie Kenney Morrison, WMU, (1g-9a—10pts)
4   Jaccob Slavin, C.C., (4g-5a—9pts)
Tie Ian Brady, UNO, (4g-5a—9pts)
6   Andrew Prochno, SCSU, (3g-5a—8pts)
Tie Andy Welinski, UMD, (1g-7a—8pts)
Tie Kevin Gravel, SCSU, (1g-7a—8pts)

Riley Barber (Jeff Sabo/Miami University)
Riley Barber (Jeff Sabo/Miami University)

NCHC top scorers (all games)

1   Riley Barber, MU, (14g-18a—32pts)
2   Austin Czarnik, MU, (10g-19a—29pts)
3   Shane Berschbach, WMU, (10g-16a—26 pts)
4   Josh Archibald, UNO, (17g-7a—24pts)
5   Justin Kovacs, WMU, (10g-13a—23pts)

NCHC top goal scorers (all games)

1 Josh Arcibalk, UNO, 17
2   Riley Barber, MU, 14
3   Jonny Brodzinski, SCSU, 11
Tie Nic Dowd, SCSU, 11
5   Austin Czarnmik, MU, 10

NCHC top assist getters (all games)

1   Austin Czarnik, MU, 19
2   Riley Barber, MU, 18
3   Shane Berschbach, WMU, 16
Tie Ryan Walters, UNO, 16
5   David Morely, SCSU, 14
Tie Chase Balisy, WMU, 14

NCHC Goaltending Save Percentage Leaders (all games) – min 10 games.

1   Sam Brittain, DU, .935
Tie Lukas Hafner, WMU, .935
3    Ryan McKay, MU, .921
4    Zane Gothberg, UND, .916
5    Ryan Faragher, SCSU, .912

NCHC goaltending goals against average (all games) – min 10 games.

1    Lukas Hafner, WMU, 1.61
2    Sam Brittain, DU, 2.04
3    Zane Gothberg, UND, 2.20
4    Ryan Faragher, SCSU, 2.42
5    Ryan McKay, MU, 2.50

NCHC scoring offense (conference games)

1    St. Cloud State, 3.25 GPG
2    Western Michigan, 3.17 GPG
3    Nebraska-Omaha, 3.00 GPG
4    North Dakota, 2.92 GPG
5    Minnesota Duluth, 2.83 GPG
6    Denver, 2.58 GPG
7    Miami, 2.42 GPG
8    Colorado College, 2.08 GPG

Scoring Defense NCHC games (goals against)

1    Denver, 2.33
Tie St. Cloud State, 2.33
3    Nebraska-Omaha, 2.42
4    Western Michigan, 2.83
5    Minnesota Duluth, 3.00
6    Miami, 3.08
Tie North Dakota, 3.08
8    Colorado College, 3.17

NCHC Rankings scoring offense (National)

7    St. Cloud State, 3.50
18  Miami, 3.14
22  Nebraska-Omaha 3.00
28  North Dakota, 2.86
31  Minnesota Duluth, 2.75
34  Western Michigan 2.71
38  Denver, 2.59
58  Colorado College, 1.77

NCHC Rankings scoring defense (National)

5    Denver, 2.12
14    St. Cloud State, 2.35
16   Western Michigan, 2.38
31   North Dakota, 2.73
32   Minnesota Duluth, 2.75
33   Miami, 2.77
45   Nebraska Omaha, 3.18
49   Colorado College,  3.36

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