NHL Lockout Hasn’t Hurt Ticket Prices

NHL Ticket Prices on the Rise

It is understood that the average price of tickets to sporting events will likely increase each year. This year, the NHL increased its average ticket prices by a larger percentage than any other major North American sports league. The average face value of NHL tickets went up 5.7% this year. NBA tickets went up 3.5%, and NFL tickets went up 2.5%.


According to SeatCrunch, the priciest team to see at home this year is far and away the Toronto Maple Leafs, with an average ticket cost of $289.70. In particular, the Maple Leafs’ matchups against the Montreal Canadiens stand out as two of the highest priced games this season with average ticket prices of $423.90. The most expensive single ticket is to their match on April 27th for $3,052. The least expensive team? The Anaheim Ducks with an average ticket price of $84.50. Their game against the Colorado Avalanche has tickets being sold for as little as $28 each on SeatCrunch.com. Despite the apparent hike in ticket prices and the idea that fans are disgruntled by the lockout, ticket sales do not seem to be suffering.