Pens Ink Olli Maatta to Big Extension

The Pittsburgh Penguins have inked 21-year-old defenseman Olli Maatta to a six-year contract extension with an AAV of $4.083 million, the team announced Friday.

The contract comes with a limited no trade clause in the last two years. He’ll provide a list of eight teams he won’t accept a trade to, according to ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun.

The signing ties up their best defensive prospect for the foreseeable future. It additionally buys two years of his UFA eligibility. If Maatta continues to develop, a $4.083 AAV could look very nice for a few years.

The 6-foot-2 Finn has had injuries limit the number of games he’s been able to play over the last two seasons, but he’s been productive when he’s in. Through 20 games last season he posted a goal and eight assists with a 3.3% CF%Rel.

This season he has six goals and 10 assists through 53 games with a -2.1% CF%Rel.

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Advanced stats via War on Ice. All Corsi numbers score-adjusted.