Rangers Tanner Glass Ready To Drop Gloves With Simmonds

Philadelphia Flyer Wayne Simmonds gave New York Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh a concussion-causing sucker punch on Feb.6 in an eventful NY-Philly matchup.

The Rangers lost their captain due to a confirmed concussion and will be without him indefinitely. This has caused some stir through the team, as Simmond’s was not punished for the hit and was able to return to play.

Though the blue shirts came out on top against the Devils on Monday, their first game without their captain, they have still been firm in their support for their captain.

The Rangers meet the Flyers again for a matchup on Sunday Feb.14, in Madison Square Garden, and the team has been vocal about what is in store for Simmonds, especially fourth-line forward Tanner Glass.

Glass Sends A Message

Glass has made it obvious that he plans to take matters into his own hands on Sunday when he faces Simmonds. The forward, known more-so for his fighting and rough play, has never shied away from a fight, or trash talk, before and seems to be hinting at what is to come this weekend.

Glass told Brian Heyman of NewsDay.com, after Tuesday’s MSG Training session, that: “You’ve got to think team first; you’re not taking a penalty. Then you’ve just got to let him know it’s not going to be tolerated . . . He’ll know.”

While Glass isn’t the most productive player and doesn’t consistently gather points, he has made his name with his tough nature, and his tendency to fight. While usually most of the altercations happen as a result of on-ice frustration or immediate reactions, this will be a little more planned.

Glass has made it a point already that he isn’t scared to fight. He explained that as he gets older he gets more and more comfortable with it. Even earlier this year Glass has made an issue to address, and disprove, New York Islanders’ Cal Clutterbuck stating that glass had been afraid to fight the Isle’s Matt Martin.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

The Rangers-Flyers matchup this weekend certainly won’t be a friendly one. Tensions have been building between the teams since McDonagh left the ice in their last matchup, and with Glass’ new statements on the issue a fight will be brewing.

Tensions are rising between the two teams and the Rangers, including coach Alain Vigneault, haven’t been taking the loss of their captain lightly. The tensions will be at an all time high when the two teams meet on Sunday, and with the fight that is bound to happen fans are at the edge of their seats.

You can watch an old 2013 fight between the ex-penguin but current Ranger Glass and Simmonds below:

The Rangers and the Flyers will face off on Sunday at 7:30 p.m. for a tension-filled Valentine’s Day matchup.