The 5 Best Stanley Cup Playoffs Commercials

The temperatures are rising, the sun has returned and the flowers are beginning to blossom. That can only mean one thing: it’s time for playoff hockey! In order to get psyched for the fight for the Stanley Cup, let’s take a look at the best commercials for the NHL playoffs.

5. Boys

This spot takes the cliché phrase “turning boys into men” and flips the script to illustrate the elation of winning the Stanley Cup. In a feeling of unadulterated joy, players feel as if they’ve returned to their childhood. This spot captures the thrill of victory.

4. Handshake

Again, the NHL pairs an emotionally engaging video with well crafted copy. This spot shows one of the beautiful – albeit, underrated – aspects of the game. In true sportsmanship, even after a two-week-long battle that borders on hatred, the two opposing squads shake hands at the conclusion of every series. The entire concept is tied together nicely with the play on words, “it’s not yours until you shake on it.” Very clever and well executed.

3. Cup Raise

This spot could’ve easily stood on its own without any copy. This is an ode to the games past and illustrates how winning the Stanley Cup forever puts coaches and players in hockey history. The copy, “It weighs 35 pounds except when you’re lifting it” puts this spot over the top. After the difficult journey, raising the Cup is nothing more than a weightless shoulder press.

2. No Words

This is one has rave reviews. It illustrates how powerful of a moment that it is to win a Stanley Cup. It literally brings grown men to tears. This may be the most moving of the bunch; go ahead and try not to get choked up watching Teemu Selänne at the 19 second mark. The expressions of the players say it all. There truly are no words.

1. Wish

Admittedly so, this is a personal favorite. This spot really captures the audience because the act of blowing out the candles and making a wish is something we can all relate to. We all remember being young and dreaming great dreams. The creative execution is also very well done. Bonus points for using actual Toews family home video footage and piecing it into an exceptional spot.

What do you think? Agree with the list or is one of your favorites missing?

Happy playoff hockey, everyone!