THW Podcast – Ep. 18 – NHL Teams That Missed Playoffs… Now What?

On the 18th episode of The Hockey Writers Podcast, Brandon and I take a good long look at the NHL franchises that either missed or will probably miss the 2018-19 NHL postseason. We focus on teams that probably were expected to do more, but for some reason just couldn’t pull it all together.

It’s just the two of us this week, talking back and forth and chatting hockey. It’s one of the least formal episodes we’ve done but one of the most fun as well. We hope you enjoy.

On This Week’s THW Podcast

Brandon and I look specifically at the LA Kings, Edmonton Oilers, Buffalo Sabres, Anaheim Ducks and New Jersey Devils. We also take a quick look at the Columbus Blue Jackets and ask out loud, what happens if this team doesn’t make it? Considering all they did to try and get in this season, that could be devastating.

We look at record-breaking indivdual efforts by players with the Oilers, what might happen to someone like Taylor Hall if the Devils can’t pull it together and if teams like Anaheim and Los Angeles will ever be contenders considering the massive contracts they have on the books and how neither team appears to be getting any younger.

Finally, what happens with free agents like Jeff Skinner or a host of players in Columbus?

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