Join THW and Scott Norton For a Chance To Win Kerry Fraser’s New Book

On Sunday night’s episode of The Hockey Writers Live, Mike Colligan and Rick Gethin announced that THW is teaming up with Scott Norton of Norton Sports Management to spread the word about his ‘Make My Day Monday’ campaign.  Listeners and fans of The Hockey Writers will be eligible to win a free copy of Kerry Fraser’s new book The Final Call: Hockey Stories From a Legend in Stripes.

Norton, an NHLPA-certified player agent, has spearheaded the movement utilizing social media and acts of kindness by his clients as an example.  He explains his goals for MMDM further on his website:

With the economic crisis, charities have been hit hard and now Norton and his athletes are hitting back even harder. Norton is using his influence to coach athletes on compassion and humanity. Through social media, he along with his clients developed the concept of “Make my Day Mondays”. The idea of “MMDM” is every Monday to make an effort to help someone in need. The difference in their plan is not to focus on a dollar amount or a specific organization, but to behave with a sense of strong morality and support for the community. The heart of the idea is to donate anything to anyone or anyplace that is important to the individual. Whether it’s buying a meal for a homeless person or helping a handicap person with a door, athletes of Norton Sports Management hope to brand themselves as role models for the sport’s community and eventually the world.

On Monday October 25th, we want readers and listeners to participate in Scott’s ‘Make My Day Monday’ movement and take a few minutes out of their day to do something nice for another person.  As Norton says, the dollar amount or specific organization is not as important as putting in the effort to help someone else.

Let us know what you did to participate in MMDM this week (large or small) and we’ll select a handful of winners to receive a free copy of Fraser’s book. You can email us at or notify us via Twitter at any of these names (@NortonSports, @MakeMyDayMonday, @MikeColligan, @THWrickgethin, @TheHockeyWriter).  You can also simply tag your tweets with #MMDM.

As Norton said on THW Live:

“Wake up Monday and decide to do something nice for someone. It honestly does make your day when you do something nice.”

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