THW Trade Tracker: Halak for Miller

Ryan Miller traded for Jaroslav Halak and Chris Stewart

February 28, 2014

Buffalo Sabres acquire F Chris Stewart, G Jaroslav Halak, F William Carrier, 1st round pick (2015)  and a 3rd round pick (2016)

Chris Stewart
(Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)


St. Louis Blues acquire G Ryan Miller, F Steve Ott

Ryan Miller traded

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5 thoughts on “THW Trade Tracker: Halak for Miller”

  1. Short term, the Blues win the deal. However, if the Sabres can make good use out of these draft picks and possibly flip Halak for future talent, Buffalo could make out like kings.

  2. At first glance it looks like a pretty good deal for both sides and it will be interesting to see how the rest of the story plays out. I think Ott will be more effective in a Blues jersey than Stewart ever was, and Miller behind the best defense in the league could be the missing piece to get St. Louis by Chicago, and ultimately maybe a Stanley Cup. With an already young and skilled core and guys like Ty Rattie in the system those a late 1st and 3rd round pick does not mean as much to St. Louis right now as Ott and Miller. Obviously the Sabres get what they want, loading up on young talent and draft picks.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next. If the Blues make the conference finals OR Miller re-signs in St. Louis (at least one of which seems likely), then the 3rd round pick next year turns into a 1st rounder. Even then, it probably means good things for the Blues as well. Buffalo is also said to be shopping Stewart, so based on the return he garners it could be even better for the Sabres. With so many picks already in the next 2 drafts, Buffalo has a lot of options heading into the rebuild.

  3. Buffalo got a pretty good return for Miller who could likely be just a rental. For now it looks like an even deal, and I think Buffalo got more than we all expected they would

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