Trade Talk: Shopping Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall’s name is out there. Rightly or wrongly, it has people talking and proposing all kinds of outlandish trade scenarios.

The reality is, Hall is the best player on the Edmonton Oilers and the closest thing that team has to a franchise guy. If general manager turned temporary head coach Craig MacTavish is seriously contemplating trading this type of talent, it tells us one of two things — either Hall is a problem in the dressing room, or Hall has requested a move. There have been rumblings of the former, that Hall isn’t a team player and hasn’t bought into the “plan”, but the latter wouldn’t be totally shocking either. The first overall pick from 2010 might finally be fed up with not only the constant losing but the overall dysfunction of the Oilers — and he may want out. Or it could be a combination of both.

Whatever the case, if — and this is still a massive IF — MacTavish pulls the trigger on a deal involving Hall, he needs to shop him around to ensure the best return possible. That might explain why Hall’s name was leaked to hockey insiders, to drum up more interest and to let everybody know he’s available without MacTavish having to make 29 outgoing calls. Instead, he can sit back and field offers, of which there will be plenty — upwards of 29 — because what team wouldn’t want to add a player of Hall’s calibre? He’s one of the top left-wingers in the league, just entering his prime, on a very reasonable $6-million salary for 5 more years through 2019-20. Oh, and his contract doesn’t include a no-trade clause, so every team would have equal opportunity to acquire him.

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To that end, Hall’s also Edmonton’s best trade chip if the Oilers are considering a shakeup to their young core that MacTavish gave a public vote of confidence to as recently as last week. Hall’s worth more than Jordan Eberle as well as fellow first overall picks Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov. He’s also better than those players, by a fairly significant margin, which makes this a potentially regrettable move.

That potential is high. Typically, whenever you trade the best player in any deal — especially a superstar like Hall — you end up losing the deal. The team that gets the best player winds up the winner, regardless of the package going the other way. There have been exceptions over the years, but they are few and far between.

Worth noting, blockbusters of this nature rarely come to fruition mid-season. The salary cap will stand in the way of some deals, while contenders won’t want to rock the boat or mess with their roster makeup. So this Hall situation could linger until the NHL draft in June or further into the off-season. Time is on MacTavish’s side because Hall’s value isn’t likely to go down between now and then. However, if he’s actually causing chaos and making enemies behind the scenes, MacTavish might try to expedite the process, which could mean accepting less to get a deal done in the near future.

What Edmonton Needs

Assuming the wheels are in motion and this isn’t a bogus rumour — MacTavish has yet to deny it, or address it — then the Oilers need a targeted return. As a perennial bottom feeder, Edmonton obviously has plenty of needs. In order to justify a deal of this magnitude, without further enraging a volatile fan base, MacTavish must land one of the following:

• A true top-pairing defenceman.

• An established top-six centre.

• A proven starting goaltender.

• A legitimate replacement for Hall.

Fail to acquire one of those four key elements — all of which Edmonton is currently lacking — and it could set off a riot in the so-called City of Champions. The Oilers don’t necessarily need more draft picks or even top prospects, although at least one of each is traditionally included with these mega-deals.

Potential Trading Partners

Without a no-trade clause, Hall will have no say in the matter, but if he’s asking to be dealt, he might not care where he goes. He may think anywhere is better than Edmonton.

MacTavish, on the other hand, will probably have a couple preferred destinations in mind. That being, the Eastern Conference and as far away from Edmonton as physically possible.

You can forget about the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks. The rest of the Pacific Division teams — Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, San Jose Sharks and Arizona Coyotes — are also long-shots barring a big-time overpayment. Maybe don’t rule out the Sharks and Coyotes completely as both those teams could use an overhaul as well. Ditto for the Colorado Avalanche, who have went from the top to the bottom of the Central Division in a calendar year, while the Winnipeg Jets could also come calling. Those would be the four most likely suitors from the Western Conference, while the East is full of possibilities. You’d have to think the Buffalo Sabres, Ottawa Senators, Boston Bruins and Columbus Blue Jackets, in order, would top that list. But even the conference-leading Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings would have substantial interest and the assets to perhaps get a deal done. That’s 10 teams right there, seemingly ready to spark up negotiations.

Let’s See Some Offers

Proposal 1

To San Jose Sharks = Taylor Hall and Tyler Pitlick

To Edmonton Oilers = Logan Couture and Tomas Hertl

Logan Couture
Logan Couture

ANALYSIS: Hall is more valuable than Couture straight up and likewise with Hertl to Pitlick. Couture is capable of playing centre or wing, which fills either need for Edmonton. Hall has an extra gear and gamebreaking ability in comparison to anybody else in the deal.

Proposal 2

To Arizona Coyotes = Taylor Hall

To Edmonton Oilers = Keith Yandle, Henrik Samuelsson and 1st-round pick in 2015

Keith Yandle
Keith Yandle

ANALYSIS: Yandle is a top-pairing defenceman without a no-trade clause, which makes him a rare commodity although he only has one more season left on this contract. Samuelsson is a former Edmonton Oil Kings player, so he’s well known to the Oilers’ brass and he’s a big-bodied winger, which the Oilers lack. The pick is an insurance policy for Edmonton in case Yandle can’t be convinced to stick around past next season.

Proposal 3

To Colorado Avalanche = Taylor Hall

To Edmonton Oilers = Gabriel Landeskog, Stefan Elliott and 2nd-round pick in 2015

Gabriel Landeskog

ANALYSIS: Landeskog is more of a leader but not nearly as talented or explosive as Hall. Elliott is a throw-in at Edmonton’s request as he doesn’t appear to be in Colorado’s future plans, while the pick balances out the overall value.

Proposal 4

To Winnipeg Jets = Taylor Hall and Jeff Petry

To Edmonton Oilers = Evander Kane, Dustin Byfuglien and Adam Lowry

Evander Kane
Evander Kane

ANALYSIS: Hall is again better than Kane but Byfuglien is better than Petry. Lowry gets added because Edmonton wants an NHL-ready centre in the deal and Winnipeg agrees in order to land a franchise player.

Proposal 5

To Buffalo Sabres = Taylor Hall and Jeff Petry

To Edmonton Oilers = Tyler Myers, Nikita Zadorov, Mikhail Grigorenko and 2nd-round pick in 2015

Tyler Myers
Tyler Myers

ANALYSIS: Hall is by far the best player in the deal but Edmonton gets two top-pairing defencemen and a big centre to pair with Yakupov, plus a decent pick. Before Buffalo fans get up in arms, remember you could also be adding Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel to play with Hall, that is providing the Sabres stop winning sooner than later.

Proposal 6

To Ottawa Senators = Taylor Hall

To Edmonton Oilers = Mika Zibanejad, Jared Cowen and 1st-round pick in 2015

Mika Zibanejad
Mika Zibanejad

ANALYSIS: Zibanejad is a capable top-six centre, Cowen is a big defenceman with top-pairing upside if he reaches his potential and the pick could be top 10, giving Edmonton two more blue-chippers counting their own likely lottery pick. Ottawa gets a star forward to complement Bobby Ryan and Kyle Turris on a potent top line.

Proposal 7

To Boston Bruins = Taylor Hall, Andrew Ference and Martin Marincin

To Edmonton Oilers = Dougie Hamilton, Carl Soderberg and Malcolm Subban

Dougie Hamilton

ANALYSIS: This only works if Hall and Ference get along. If not, substitute Ference for Petry. Hall is more valuable than Hamilton and Boston won’t likely be able to afford Soderberg past this season as he’s an unrestricted free agent in line for a big raise. Edmonton can pay him, and the Oilers also get their much-needed goaltender of the future, while Marincin could develop into a force under Chara’s guidance.

Proposal 8

To Columbus Blue Jackets = Taylor Hall, Jeff Petry and Martin Marincin

To Edmonton Oilers = Ryan Johansen, Scott Hartnell and James Wisniewski

Ryan Johansen
Ryan Johansen

ANALYSIS: Edmonton apparently inquired about Johansen’s availability and the answer was no, but that’s assuming Hall’s name wasn’t in the conversation. They are a decent swap, though Hall is still more dynamic. Petry is a pending UFA but Hartnell is a salary dump, so consider them a wash. Marincin is supposedly coveted by a lot of teams, while Wisniewski would give Edmonton an upgrade on defence. Wisniewski does have a modified no-trade clause, so if he wouldn’t waive for Edmonton, then substitute David Savard.

Proposal 9

To Pittsburgh Penguins = Taylor Hall

To Edmonton Oilers = Olli Maatta, Derrick Pouliot, Tristan Jarry and 1st-round pick in 2015

Olli Maatta
Olli Maatta

ANALYSIS: Similar to the Buffalo deal, Edmonton gets two potential top-pairing defencemen, plus their future starting goaltender in Jarry, who currently plays for the Oil Kings. The pick is the price you pay to put Hall on a line with Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin, which makes the Penguins an obvious Stanley Cup favourite for years to come.

Proposal 10

To Detroit Red Wings = Taylor Hall and Jeff Petry

To Edmonton Oilers = Riley Sheahan, Anthony Mantha, Teemu Pulkkinen and Ryan Sproul

Riley Sheahan
Riley Sheahan

ANALYSIS: There is both quantity and quality in this return package. Sheahan is a top-nine centre with size, Mantha is one of the best power-forward prospects in the league, Pulkkinen is leading the AHL in scoring and a sniper at that level, and Sproul is a gifted offensive defenceman. Detroit is the only team in the league that could afford to move four top prospects like that without totally depleting its pipeline. The Red Wings know Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg don’t have many years left, not to mention coach Mike Babcock’s contract is expiring, so they might be willing to go all-in for another Cup run. Adding Hall up front would be huge and Petry would fit the bill as that right-handed defenceman Detroit has been searching for, plus he’s a Michigan native who would almost certainly re-sign with the Red Wings.

Bracing for backlash from fans of 11 different teams, including the Oilers, dare I ask: Your thoughts? Feel free to add your own proposals in the comments below.

Larry Fisher is a sports reporter for The Daily Courier in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Follow him on Twitter: @LarryFisher_KDC.

60 thoughts on “Trade Talk: Shopping Taylor Hall”

  1. Or maybe the possibility that Hall is under investigation for the beating of a bar patron on Whyte Ave that might want the Oilers to distance themselves from him. He has been nothing but a total dush to the good people of Edmonton because he thinks he is above them for being a good hockey player, but players like Gretzky and Ryan Smith have set the Bar high for treatment of people here and Hall ain’t making the grade.

  2. Sorry, but I have to agree with the first post about Detroit. There is no way Holland would even think of giving up any of that for Hall. Out of those you mentioned, Pulk would be the most likely traded and why would they? Pulk is a RH shot (something The Wings are missing this season) and so is Sproul. Sproul has a lot of up side and is going to be in Detroit next season. Mantha is untouchable because Detroit is not trading him. KH would rather keep all four of those pieces for the future than trade them for two guys for help right now. Oh, and if they were going to trade a package like that, it would be for Tyler Myers (someone they really want) not someone that “might be on the block”.

    • I don’t think you Detroit fans watch enough of the Western Conference now that you are over in the East. Do yourself a favour and watch that entire Hall video in the post. Hall is an elite talent. He just turned 23 years old a month ago, same as Sheahan and Pulkkinen will also be 23 in a couple weeks. Hall is locked up on a bargain long-term deal. You would be getting a steal here, getting Hall and Petry for that package IMO.

  3. Oh boy… The Detroit proposal. Most people think that is NOT enough to get Hall? Honestly, to all the people outside of the Detroit/Grand Rapids market, those 4 guys are way too valuable to this organization to even consider trading. I am not knocking Hall, or Petry, but Sheahan, Mantha, Pulkkinen and Sproul is too much of an overpayment if we were trying to land Shea Weber, or Parise and Suter. That is just too much future for Holland to give up. Sheahan has pretty much made Darren Helm tradable. If you want him, you can have him. Mantha is a grade A, blue chip prospect, the best Detroit has had in a very long, LONG time. If Detroit made that deal, would it help out this year in a Stanley Cup run? Maybe, and that is being generous in saying maybe. Keeping Sheahan, Sproul and Mantha is more important to this organization that gutting our top prospects for Hall, who makes a ton of money and Petry who will make a ton of money next year. I understand Hall has immense value, throw Petry in there and it grows even more. But honestly, we have three d-men in Grand Rapids right now, Sproul, Marchenko and Jensen that are all close to being NHL ready and are all right handed, so sooner than later, our needs for a RH’d shooting defenseman are going to be met internally. Pulkkinen is a top prospect for sure, but I could honestly live without him. I could live without Helm as well. I’d be interested in seeing what Edmonton would accept from Detroit for just Hall, but again, the phone gets hung up with any mention of Sheahan, Mantha or Larkin for that matter. I am not going to call you a moron like others, but I will say, in my opinion, that is a lopsided deal for Edmonton considering the importance those four players are to the future of Detroit. I know both Hall and Petry are young and would be Red Wings for years and years to come, but man, I just couldn’t part with those 4 guys. Come up with something involving Helm in stead of Sheahan, and leave Petry out of the deal and maybe we’ll talk.

    • That’s a big “thanks but no thanks” from McTavish. You can’t ask for a team’s best player and not include any of your top 3 young prospects and try countering with an injury-prone third-liner as the centrepiece to your package. That is laughable. There really is no deal to be had between Detroit and Edmonton, involving Hall, without at least 3 of those 4 (Mantha, Sheahan, Sproul, Pulkkinen). Edmonton would want at least one roster player back (Sheahan seems the most likely target), plus a couple top-end prospects (Mantha fits the bill, Sproul/Pulkkinen to a lesser degree). That’s the asking price and if you/Holland doesn’t want to pay it, somebody else gladly will…or the Oilers will gladly keep Hall.

  4. I think that Taylor Hall is being over rated in most of these deals. He is an elite winger in the NHL but I would not put him at the top of the list. He has not scored in 10 games and lately he has not been the Oilers best player. I don’t care how bad your team is, if you are an elite player you should still put up decent numbers and Hall is not doing that. Will he be a great winger for many years, absolutely, but the style of hockey he plays will not allow him to have a long career and he is accident prone because of his style of play. You put Taylor Hall on a team that he is not the franchise player and doesn’t have to carry it on his shoulders, that’s when Taylor Hall will put up huge numbers. Look at Tyler Seguin, his numbers are off the chart in Dallas because there is a strong supporting cast. I hope Hall gets traded and has an awesome career.

    • I agree with parts of your comment, Terry, well stated. Hall does play reckless and has battled injuries at times throughout his career. There is some risk factor to acquiring a player like that. You are also right that he’s struggling this season, especially lately, but it is unknown whether that is due to his skills suffering or his effort lacking or some combination. It has got to be hard to play 50-plus meaningless games every season, but he’s getting paid to perform and he should definitely be producing more. This drought is negatively affecting his trade value as well, and if this came up last year at this time when he was a top 10 scorer, these proposals would seem like steals in some cases or fair for the most part. The Oilers are probably better off keeping him unless he’s demanding a trade.

  5. Some of these potential deals are ridiculously more over priced than others, as some have indicated. The Bruins are apparently getting robbed lol. One of the best Canadian goaltender prospects in the world, one of the best young defensemen in the world, and their “current” most productive center-man in Soderberg, for the oft-injured Hall haha. Meanwhile we have Ottawa in almost a one for one swap with the almost entirely useless Zibanejad lol.

    • How is Zibanejad useless? I think if you all polled 30 GMs and said pick between Soderberg or Zibanejad, the results would be very split and perhaps even favour Zibanejad. He got off to a slow start but has really picked up the pace whereas Soderberg got off to a hot start and then really slowed down. Zibanejad is a young, big centre and former top 10 pick. He’d definitely have similar value to Soderberg, IMO, especially with Soderberg being a pending UFA that Boston probably can’t afford to keep without moving another “core” player like Krejci/Lucic/Marchand.

      Ottawa’s 1st is also worth more than Malcolm Subban. That could be a top 10 pick and will likely be top 15 in arguably the best draft since 2003 and maybe ever.

      Dougie Hamilton is worth more than Jared Cowen based on his breakout season but they are somewhat similar players, although I do think Hamilton has the much higher offensive upside and therefore is a much more desirable asset for Edmonton. But that’s why the Oilers are adding Ference and Marincin (Chara’s young protege) to make that deal happen. The Senators package is 3-for-1 with only Hall going to Ottawa. I still think those proposals are quite similar in value and quite fair overall.

  6. I don’t see them being in this position, but if the Preds were in play for Hall, what would a package from them include? (And please, please don’t bring up Weber, that will never happen)

    • Oilers would obviously like to do Hall+ for Weber. Say maybe Hall, Nurse and Pitlick for Weber and Colin Wilson. But if Weber really is a non-starter, then I think Seth Jones is a must, along with another roster player like Craig Smith, plus a prospect like Colton Sissons and/or a 1st round pick. Would Nashville do that?

      To Nashville Predators = Taylor Hall
      To Edmonton Oilers = Seth Jones, Craig Smith and Colton Sissons/1st Round Pick

      • I think Jones would be tough given that he has potential to be their next franchise d’man. Maybe they would consider Josi in a different package deal. But your idea would be a fair one IMO.

  7. As an Arizona Coyotes fan, your deal doesn’t seem too outrageous. Although, given our current standing in the League and how we’re more than likely to finish, we have a strong chance at Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel. We’d need Yandle in order to make that chemistry work, because he’s been our points leader for a couple of seasons now.

    • Fair point, Rick, but as always, you must give to receive. I would think the Oilers demand Yandle or Ekman-Larsson in return for Hall. He is Edmonton’s best player and McTavish would want one of your top 2 or 3 players in return. I don’t think Boedker+++ would be enough, even if the +++ was Gormley, Domi and a 1st.

  8. I’m curious to know if you feel the Devils could put together a package to land Hall? I would spare Gelinas, Larsen and a First round in 2015. I watch a lot of Oilers hockey and although Hall may not be a leader in the dressing room he certainly leads by example on the ice.

      • I would think the Devils would rather keep Henrique and reunite Hall with his former junior teammate. I think the Oilers might also prefer Travis Zajac to Henrique. Zodiac, Larsson, 1st in 2015 and 1st in 2016 for Hall *might* get the deal done, but even then, other teams could probably offer up more enticing top-end assets.

  9. Really interesting, I totally agree that moving out Hall is a loss regardless, but, I think this was written by a hardcore Oilers fan. Some of the deals are just crazy. Proposal 3, I don’t see the Av’s having any real interest in moving out Landeskog unless they get Hall plus. I can’t see them seeing Landeskog as less valuable than Hall.

    Proposal 6 is about the only one that really makes any sense for both clubs. Proposal 7 with the Bruins is ridiculous. Hamilton is more valuable to the Bruins than Hall would be due to their need for a no.1 D man now that Chara is regressing. Proposal 8 is terrible, the idea that the Jackets would give up 3 core players for Hall and some spare parts is absurd. CBJ doesn’t look at Hartnell as a salary dump…honestly this was almost hard to read. Just silly.

    That being said, No.3, No.9 and No.10 could be realistic (along with no.6). BUT anything Oilers related might be best served from another source as this is sort of like how I used to think Michael J Fox was perfect to play Wolverine. I just loved Michael J Fox so….not really objective. That being said Fisher is arguably the most interesting read on the site so keep it up.

    • Thanks for the comment Tyson, even if this piece was “hard to read” in places haha.

      Personally, as mentioned below, I think any McTavish conversation with Chiarelli starts and ends with Hamilton. If he’s not included, I don’t there is a deal to be made. Not for Lucic or Marchand or even Krejci. No Hamilton means no Hall, IMO.

      I can see how Columbus hangs up on those demands. Colorado maybe too, although I do think that package is fair value. I don’t think Oilers fans would be happy with a Hall-for-Landeskog straight up swap.

      Overall, we agree that moving Hall is a bad idea and the Oilers probably won’t get what he’s worth in return, which is what these proposals were, IMO — fair value for a player of his calibre with his potential, pedigree and contract.

  10. How about Philly ? They could send something like B.Schenn/L.Schenn or Corburn/ Vinny/Emery/N.Cousin for Hall/Schultz…..

    • Come on Chris, that’s not nearly enough. Think Simmonds, Laughton, Gostisbehere and a 1st if you want Hall AND J Schultz. You can’t offer spare parts like that. Brayden Schenn is having a good year but he’s a far cry from Hall and Luke Schenn is a far cry from J Schultz too. The other offer is even worse considering Vinny and Emery have negative trade value.

    • Maybe, but it would start with Coyle/Niederrieter, Brodin/Dumba, and 2 first-round picks both 2015 and 2016. Even then, Edmonton could possibly do better elsewhere and would be wiser to deal Hall to an East team.

  11. I’d say Boston gives up Subban, Ericsson,Joe Morrow,and either their first pick next year, or 2 second rounders they got for Boychuk. Hamilton is untouchable, Dont want to see Soderberg or Smith go either, ditto Krug or Marchand. I’d think the B’s have to have some combination of AHL talent and draft picks Edmonton would take along with Subban and Ericsson. Considering how much the Oilers need, the more players they get in return, the better so they can weed through and find the guys they need. I dont see Boston blowing the roster up for Hall though, too many uncertainties….

    • So you want to land a team’s best player (by far) but you don’t want to give 5 of your players who aren’t even your best players? Good luck with that. The Oilers don’t need to trade Hall and there is no proof that he wants out either, nothing has ever been stated publicly by him or his agent. His value is sky high, as it should be for a No. 1 overall pick, and you won’t be getting him for a quantity-over-quality package.

  12. Your Detroit trade is insane! Two top offensive prospects and the top defensive prospect in Detroit’s system in addition to a versatile young roster center with good size and speed for a rental defenseman and a winger who hasn’t cracked 30 goals in a season despite playing top line minutes. Ken Holland would be shot if he made this deal. I mean, are you on drugs or something? That’s not rhetorical, I want an answer, are you taking drugs of some sort that are affecting your judgement?

    • That’s weird, others feel Detroit is getting off easy here, giving up potential for current impact players who could put the Red Wings over the top and turn them into Cup favourites. Ken Holland knows what he is doing and knows the kind of impact Taylor Hall could have on THIS year’s team. Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Kronwall, Franzen, even Howard aren’t getting any younger. Detroit’s window to win is closing by the year. I think they would jump all over this deal, especially considering Petry is from Detroit and would almost certainly re-sign long-term at a hometown discount.

      • What others are saying this? Oilers fans? Hall is an over-valued asset with “BUST” written all over him. His junior numbers aren’t even as good as Mantha’s. If we want an impact player when Dats and Z are gone, we’ll just wait for Mantha to hit his prime. The fact is if Hall can’t even carry Edmonton to the playoffs there’s no case to be made that he can take Detroit to a Cup.

        • Barry you must remember Hall was barely 18 when he graduated to the NHL. Mantha played junior as a 19-year-old. That’s a huge difference and thus the discrepancy in their stats. If you polled all 30 GMs today and said Hall or Mantha, you’d get 30 votes for Hall. That isn’t even a debate.

          If you want to wait on Mantha’s “potential” and let Detroit fall just short the last few years of Dats and Z, then by all means take a pass on Hall. If you want to hoist a couple more Cups with this veteran/proven core, then I suggest Ken Holland pay the asking price.

          Hall can’t carry a team on his own, a team with no defence and no goaltending and no secondary scoring beyond the top line. Put him on almost any other team and he’ll drive them deep into the playoffs sooner than later. I honestly believe that.

    • As mentioned below, Strome, Hamonic/de Haan and Reinhart seems more attractive to Edmonton. Grabner and Bailey are very expendable and “meh” assets. You aren’t getting a star for castoffs like that.

  13. Very lopsided for edmonton. As a penguins fan you get either or, maatta or pouliot. The package i would propose would be; Maatta OR Pouliot, Despres, Jarry, 1st rd pick 2015, 3rd 2016

  14. That’s too expensive for Detroit. Mantha has the potential to be “Hall-like”. Shea is developing game by game. Pulky will be in Detroit next year.

  15. I will make a comment on the team I know. The Pens would NEVER make that trade. It is WAY to one-sided. You’re talking one current top-defenseman, Maatta (who will inevitably be even better), Pouliot will most likely be the same pedigree player, and a first round pick?! I mean, Hall isn’t a BAD player, but he has had ONE stellar season. ONE. Yes, he is still young, and yes, his points would skyrocket on the Pens. But the cap hit and his “uncoachable” tag plastered across his forehead makes him MUCH less valuable on the open market. Teams are reluctant to bring in a notorious “problem” player, but if they do, they aren’t going to give up half the farm for it.

    Not to mention, the trade wouldn’t work, as Hall is $6M and I am pretty sure the Pens don’t have the cap space, even with Duper gone for the season.

    • You are way off here, Matthew. Hall is arguably the best left-winger in the entire league. He’s been a star for a few years now, not just one. He has a great contract. Trust me, it will take that much to land him and it would be worth it.

  16. Bruins won’t trade Hamilton, at least they better not. He is the foundation of their defense going forward after Chara retires. Subban, Soderberg and maybe Lucic or Marchand. I would hate to lose either of those guys but Hall would be worth it.

  17. you guys are both kinda daft on the Boston Bruins….the B’s are not going to trade a 1st round draft pick, 6’5” premier defensemen like Dougie Hamilton. Similar to Torey Krug (but much bigger), Hamilton is the only other Bruins defensemen who possesses a great offensive skill set. His ability to take chances rushing the puck and attacking down low in the offensive zone while still effectively covering the point, is indispensable to the Bruins and the future of their d-line in a post Chara era. Look for “softer” players with low production to be on the trade block, like Loui Eriksson…who at 5 goals on the season, looks like another poorly executed trade by Chiarelli, as Tyler Sequien has racked up 23 goals and 15 assists for Dallas this year.

    • The problem with the Bruins proposal, as pointed out elsewhere, is the salary cap. They would be way over if they made this deal.

      Some counter-proposals included taking out Soderberg and putting in Kelly and Eriksson. Not a bad idea, but imagine that, Eriksson traded for Seguin one year and Hall the next.

      Another idea was Krejci+ for Hall. Not sure if the Oilers would go for that.

  18. Since When do the Sharks need an Overhaul? I still dont understand this. They need a Defensman. and thats pretty much it…… i wouldnt trade logan coture for him, Sometime i dont get what people are talking about …. when i team is 17-11 thats not Overhall time. Please when you make a statement like that have some facts to back is up.

    • It has long been rumoured that the Sharks are considering a shakeup to their core and it seems Thornton and Marleau aren’t willing to waive their no-trade clauses, so I figured a swap of young stars might be worth a look for them. Maybe not.

  19. How about the Islanders? He’d be great on the top line with Tavares and Okposo. What do you think would be a fair trade?

    • The Islanders would have been the 11th team on my list. Garth Snow would definitely be interested and he has some assets the Oilers would be tempted by too.

      I saw this proposal elsewhere and will throw it out there…

      To New York Islanders = Taylor Hall
      To Edmonton Oilers = Ryan Strome, Travis Hamonic/Calvin de Haan (Edmonton’s choice) and Griffen Reinhart

      Would you do that deal, TJ?

  20. Some good suggestions, I think you need to add a bit more to the Buffalo trade, but you are probably where the GM is as far as what he is looking for.

      • Larry Fischer-You fail to include the goaltender who would definitely be a part of any package Emd would accept from Det. First off, Mantha is untouchable. If Edm would consider these players-Marzek, Tatar, Jarco, Larkin, Pulkkinen, Sproul, Quellet, Marchenko, 1st rounder, then there might be a deal to be made here. Take Mrazek, and your choice of 3 listed, more likely 4, and that might be enough for Detroit to land Hall, and possibly Petry. Now 4 of those choices might get the deal done..5 would be a HUGE price to pay but one I believe Holland would make considering how sick he must be of striking out lately.

        • I’m fairly certain that the Oilers would be looking for quality not quantity in return for Hall if they ever moved him. Mantha is quality. The rest are quantity in all honesty. They aren’t bad pieces but none of them stand out as a piece that would pry Hall out of Edmonton. The Oilers would be better off doing a 1-for-1 elsewhere for another quality star, IMO. So if Mantha is a non-starter, then MacT would be wise to hang up and end the negotiations.

  21. To detroit: Hall and Petry

    To EDM: Larkin, Ericsson, Jurco, Alexi Marchenko. And 2015 1st round pick contingent on wings making conference final

    • That’s not enough Jake. Others felt the Wings were getting off easy with the original package. Your offer doesn’t have a single top-end talent. It’s all quantity and no real quality. Jurco is decent but nothing special. Larkin could be the next David Legwand best-case scenario. Marchenko and Ericsson are OK but not what the Oilers would be looking for as key pieces in return for Hall. I would assume Mantha and Sproul ++ would be the basis for any Hall and Petry package deal.

  22. Thanks for the comment, Jason. I find it funny you mention the Boston deal as being decent because that is one others have strongly disagreed with but one I felt was arguably the most fair as well.

    Most initial feedback says Detroit and Ottawa deals are NOT enough to get Hall, while the rest are overpayments. That reaction makes me realize that the Oilers are better off keeping Hall and just hoping he matures, a la Seguin, even if he’s becoming an off-ice issue.

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