Where do the Canucks Go Now?

This post was written by Mr. Andres Ong.

Hockey is one of the most popular and widely followed games in the world. Sports enthusiasts from all around the globe make every possible effort to be a part of this entertaining game, whether it is for fun or for making some money. People who are good at taking chances with their luck and know how to bet on sports often try their hands at gaining something by placing a wager on NHL. These people make use of sports betting websites to place online bets on their favorite team, while keeping the odds in mind. NHL hockey wagering is no less than a profession as it requires honing one’s betting skills. People generally learn how to wager on hockey by following the basics and strategies available at http://www.wageronsports.com/wagering-strategy/nhl-hockey. Despite following the established strategies, bettors tend to lose either due to their mistakes or by the sheer bad luck of the team they support. The case was no different with the Vancouver Canucks, who lost their spot in the playoffs at the hands of San Jose Sharks.

There is no easy and quick way back for the Canucks after having been eliminated in the playoffs. It is no less than a shock for the Canucks fan that their team, which was a finalist at the Stanley Cup two years ago, became the first one to clear their lockers and move out of the playoffs this year, after being dropped by the San Jose Sharks. After a really disappointing end at this year’s Big Game, there are certain things that the Canucks need to change for reserving their seat in the next season’s playoffs. If they want a result similar to the one they got five years ago, this would be the best time to review everything and make the necessary changes.

Deal with Alain Vigneault

No doubt, Vigneault has been a wonderful coach for the time he has been with the Canucks. However, this year’s loss could mean a lot for coach Alain Vigneault more than the other disappointments in the past. He has been seen more on the bench, rather than acting as a lifeguard for the team. The Canucks have been ranking low in the past year’s league standings and have hardly made through the playoffs. This year’s loss is definitely something that GM Mike Gillis needs to think about. The management is not really sure on this part as of now. It is not that the team management has never made any stronger decisions in the past; it is just a matter of concern for the management, if Alain was to leave.

Canucks should retain Luongo

There have been rumors regarding the almost-final departure of Roberto Luongo. It is highly unlikely that Luongo will be a part of the Vancouver Canucks for the next season. After experiencing a humbling loss at the hands of Kings and Sharks, it would be wise to think about trading Cory Schneider instead of Luongo. There would be several young legs keen on getting into the side in place of Schneider rather than Luongo, who has a huge amount of money left in his contract. Looking around for a younger goalie and training him as a healthy replacement for Luongo would be a nice and efficient move.

Get More NHL Regulars Ready

The weaker offensive side of the Canucks has concurred with the inability of the team to train new talents in an era of several young emerging NHL stars. In the past five seasons, just one of the draft picks, Cody Hodgson, became a regular in the NHL league. The same goes for Jordan Schroeder and Zack Kassian, who are not used in the playoffs and are yet to prove their abilities to become Canucks regulars. The Canucks need to make sure that more of their draft picks are figured regularly on the roster, rather than making them warm the benches.

A lot of players have stayed for a long a time together and need to be shuffled, especially when there is no dearth of choices available out there. Making these necessary changes would surely help in getting the Canucks through the playoffs next year.