Why PK Subban Deserves the Captaincy

Seemingly from the moment PK Subban stepped onto NHL ice, he became a controversial figure in the hockey world. Some fans didn’t like how confident he was as a rookie as Subban was not just another player in the cookie cutter mould. Fast forward years later, Subban has become a core player for the Montreal Canadiens and has made a solid case for himself to be the team’s next captain.

PK Subban vs. the World

A lot of people will say Subban is too young and too immature to wear the C for the Habs. At 26-years-old and five NHL seasons under his belt, Subban is in his prime as a player and certainly isn’t too young to assume the captaincy. Some will point to the diving fines this season and the wrist slashing incident in the playoffs as reasons Subban is not captain material. Subban is still guilty at times of diving but no doubt the league chose to make an example out of him as many players around the league will do anything to draw a penalty. As for the wrist slash, it was absolutely unnecessary to slash Mark Stone but the Ottawa Senators certainly didn’t help the cause by making threats of their own.

Except for maybe Carey Price, no other player on the Habs has faced as much criticism as Subban. Everything from countless questions about his role on the team, to his rough contract negotiations and the racist tweets on social media during the playoffs, Subban has brought nothing but a positive attitude. No complaints about management or the coaching staff or throwing teammates under the bus. He has never complained or whined to the media when he and/or the team was stuck in a rough patch.

Getting better and giving back

His work ethic is off the charts as he is one of the fittest guys on the team and pushes his teammates to be better as his dedication and passion as a member of the Habs is unquestioned. He has worked to become a more well rounded player and he drives possession when he is on the ice. Subban has led the team in playoff scoring two years in row and has become invaluable in the playoffs with his ability to score big goals and eat up a ton of minutes.

Off the ice, Subban is very active on social media and is often seen doing something nice for children in the city of Montreal or in his hometown of Toronto. Whether it’s surprising kids with gifts, stopping to play ball hockey in a suburb with them or staying involved with Hyundai Hockey Helpers, Subban is constantly giving back and does it with a smile on his face. The Montreal Canadiens have always been big on giving back to the community, something that started with deceased legend Jean Beliveau and Subban is another player helping to make a difference.

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Time for the C

Subban already wears the A alongside Max Pacioretty, Andrei Markov and Tomas Plekanec in Montreal so he is an important voice in the Montreal dressing room. He is usually the one greeting players as they leave the ice after games with a fist bump and is quick to give credit to his teammates and gets excited when one of them scores. Subban has taken every challenge thrown his way like a professional and is a leader for the franchise on and off the ice. He is one of the most important players on the team and is as mentally strong as any player in the league. It’s time for PK to wear the C.