Your Team’s Real Theme Song: Pacific Division

When you think about defining characteristics of your team, they usually play as a soundtrack in your head. It could be the howl of a Coyote, or Rock and Roll Part 2 after the Sharks score. Whatever you think you know about the string of rhythm and lyrics attached to your team, think again. These are the songs that fully depict the state of your franchise. The Pacific Division’s themes make up part 3 of the Theme Song Series.

The Anaheim Ducks – Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones

The Ducks have had their fair share of playoff runs and success with Brian Burke and Randy Carlyle but have failed to have any again. They have been in and out of the playoffs for the last few years and have yet to be the powerhouse they should be. Big contracts have been signed by Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry as the cornerstones and face of the franchise. They have all the tools, but can’t get any satisfaction.

The Dallas Stars – Lodi, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Ray Shero really shook up the Stars with a move that took James Neal and Matt Niskanen from the Stars and brought them to the Penguins. He also took Brenden Morrow off their hands. The Stars are in a moment of transition now letting Joe Nieuwendyk go and rebranding their entire franchise starting with a new look on the ice with uniforms. Jaromir Jagr was relented to the Stanley Cup Final Bruins, and the Stars are in… a lodi.

The Los Angeles Kings – You’re The Best Around, Joe Esposito

Only if for another week, the Kings are still the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. And who doesn’t love an excuse to watch a Karate Kid video with the best song around in it? You’re welcome.

The Phoenix Coyotes – Forever In Blue Jeans, Neil Diamond

If you’ve followed the NHL for the last, I don’t know, 6 years, you would know the situation in Glendale is less than ideal. There isn’t any money to support the team, there are quite literally 100 fans (I’m being generous), and the ownership situation is a constant merry-go-round of bidders. The Coyotes players don’t want to leave a place like Arizona for a Canadian destination. Who wants to leave the desert for a place that snows? That’s why money doesn’t matter, Bettman is too stubborn to let them go, and they’d much rather be, forever in blue jeans (the desert), baby.

The San Jose Sharks – Rolling In The Deep, Adele

It may be a little rough, but come on, they have it all and they can’t get themselves into a Stanley Cup Final. When you have all the offensive weapons and a goalie who is working for you better than in the past, it’s time to make it happen. The Sharks are always close, they are always a playoff threat. They have all the ingredients for a team destined for success, but the recipe never turns out right.

Check back later this afternoon for the Atlantic Division issue.

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