#40 Zach Budish – The Hockey Spy’s 2009 NHL Entry Draft Rankings

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“Full Potential” Prospect Profile:

Budish In The Mold Of: Keith Tkachuk {svictoria - Flickr}
Budish In The Mold Of: Keith Tkachuk {svictoria - Flickr}


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40. Zach Budish 1991-May-09  6’2.5”  229 lbs   Edina High (Minnesota)

One-Timer: Budish missed most of last year with a torn ACL from his other sport, football, but is expected to fully recover. He did put up 27 points on the board in 15 Minnesota High School games. The “Mack-truck-built” Budish is a “linebacker on skates”! He reportedly has a great shot. He will definitely need to work on his skating going forward.

2009 College Commitment = University of Minnesota.


NHL Player(s) Comparison: Keith Tkachuk


Bio/Interview Links:




Scouting Combine Performance:

  • Sorokin was again impressed and had this to say: “Physical “Freak”. Simple as that. This guy is gonna be a bully on ice if he pans out. Knees looked fine to me as he did fairly well in the vertical leap test, but it’s his overall physique. Played football before hockey, and everyone wanted to know if he’s gonna go back to football, cause he sure looked like a linebacker. If he translates his offense to the pros, watch out.”
  • Gare Joyce, not surprisingly, noted Budish was another one of only seven of all tested to score “AA” (above average) in both upper and lower body physical development.
  • TSN staff stated: “Zach Budish, ranked 22nd, is much more physically mature than most of the other players that are here. At 6’2 1/2, 229 pounds, he is well beyond the growth level of most 18-year-olds who still need to fill out. Consider him already filled out.”
  • Zach scouting combine blog: http://m.kare11.com/news.jsp?key=123842&rc=sp

International Tournaments: n/a

ETA = 3 to 4 years

Risk-Reward Analysis: Risk = 4/5   Reward = 4/5

NHL Potential: Power forward

Fantasy Hockey Potential: Offensive = 7.5/10   Defensive = 7.5/10

Other Rankings:

  • ISS: 55
  • CSB: 22-NA
  • TSN:  n/a
  • THN: 44

Video Links: (Football recruiting video!)


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