A New Stick Design from Carbon Sports

Carbon Sports is overwhelmed by the support and interest the hockey world has shown in the CarbonSports Air Blade these last two weeks, since starting our KickStarter campaign. It is our firm belief that players deserve a stick that offers them both the feel and durability needed to perform at their best levels. With this in mind, we’ve developed a stick that meets both those needs and many more in the Air Blade. It combines light weight and durability to instantly improve on your shots velocity and your passes accuracy.

Combining all these key factors, the Air Blade is unlike any stick before it. Don’t you want to be one of the first to unveil this beast on unsuspecting goalies? In helping us with our kickstarter, that’s an opportunity we’re willing to provide you with.

We realize that our carbon fibre design coupled with a diamond-weave blade is unlike any before it. It’s something we embrace. Once upon a time hockey was played without blue lines. There have been several revolutions to the game since. Don’t you want to be ahead of the curve with this one?

After completion of our successful KickStarter campaign, it is within our plans to begin manufacturing of this revolutionary new product. Our aimed start date is January of 2015. Beyond bringing the Air Blade to market, it is our intention to reward all those who helped us get this far by honoring special pricing and deals that were made available through our KickStarter.

The time to act on this product is now. Don’t keep it to yourself either. We encourage all of our customers to spread the word about this great product to their friends and family. It is in their best interests to join you in using this great product, with the added advantage of reduced pricing and a money back guarantee! If not acted upon soon, it might be too late. This pricing and these deals won’t last beyond our KickStarter campaign.