Ben Scrivens Riveting Twitter Takeover

Most NHL players spend All-Star break either at the All-Star Game or on an exotic island. Ben Scrivens had different plans up his sleeve. He decided to spend his All-Star break with his wife, Jen, and the New York Riveters. Scrivens had a chance to hang out with Dani Rylan’s twitter famous dog, Tucker, and the whole NWHL Public Relations staff. There was a lot of fun packed into his week.

However, the vacation ended today as Scrivens’ wife put him to work running the Riveters twitter account during their game against the Buffalo Beauts.


During the game Scrivens took time from play by play commentary to answer a few questions from the fans. Here are some of the best tweets of the night.


If you have been to the HarborCenter for a Buffalo Beauts game then you’ve probably heard the musical stylings of Ryan Burgess. A lot of hard work is put into finding the perfect song to play for any imaginable number of scenarios which can go down during a game. Burgess definitely does a good job and it’s nice to see more people who have the same opinion.


The heated “is a hot dog a sandwich” debate has plagued social media for the past year. Is it a sandwich, or not? No one can seem to agree. We all can agree on one thing, burritos are delicious. Next time someone asks you if a hot dog is a sandwich take a page out of the Scrivens playbook and avoid the topic at all costs.

Nothing pours salt on a wound more than a NHL player shaming you for being a bad luck charm for his wife’s NWHL team. At least they both had a good chuckle over it later.

After announcing the starting goaltender for the Riveters, Scrivens signed the tweet with his initials. This wouldn’t be a big deal if his initials didn’t happen to be “bs”. Good thing he nixed the signature or else we all would have begun to question his fandom. Could you imagine a tweet which read, “Ketchum tied it up for the Riveters. BS” ?

Luckily, Scrivens is a fan of his wife’s team. How could you not be a fan of the Riveters? They lead the league in fun!

Tonight the Beauts held a Disney themed night which led to someone asking Scrivens about his favorite Disney couple. Scrivens stated he didn’t know many Disney couples. Apparently Disney movies aren’t his thing. However, he does have impeccable taste in movies. Any parent who plans on introducing their future children to the Mad Max Dynasty is a cool parent in my book.


No, Mr. Scrivens. Thank you for providing us with delightful and well informed commentary about today’s Buffalo Beauts vs New York Riveters game. Feel free to commandeer more twitter pages through out the season.