Best Colorado Avalanche Goals of All Time

The Colorado Avalanche are just about to celebrate their 20th anniversary when the puck drops for the 2015 – 2016 NHL season. Strictly talking about the Avalanche franchise, not including the Quebec Nordiques, they are a relatively young team compared to the original six teams and the others that followed.

However throughout their twenty years in Colorado, there has been plenty of star players, and with them, came many beautiful goals.

Joe Sakic Snipes for the Cup

Game 7 of the 2001 Stanley Cup Final, “Super” Joe Sakic uses his deadly shot and goes through Scott Stevens’ legs and beats Martin Broduer top shelf. This goal all but clinched the second Stanley Cup for the Avs as they went up 3 to 0 halfway through the game. The goal comes at the 1.55 mark in the video below. Alex Tanguay’s first goal to get things started should also be praised, as it was not only pretty but also damn important.

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Peter Forsberg Destroys Detroit Hopes Twice

This goal was during the 1996 Western Conference Finals, and Forsberg leaves his fellow countryman wondering what just happened. The Colorado Avalanche then went on to win their first Stanley Cup in their first year in Denver after sweeping the Florida Panthers.

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This second goal was scored in game 7 of the 1999 Western Conference Semi Finals and was amazing for several reasons, as is usually the case with Peter Forsberg. First his awareness to steal the puck, followed by his strength to hold off Larionov all the way to dangle past Chris Osgood. Forsberg’s goal all but sealed the series for Colorado while crushing any hope Detroit had of three successive Stanley Cups.

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Valeri Kamensky Spins

This spin-o-rama goal by Kamensky was just spectacular to see. To this day it is one of the very best goals not only in Colorado Avalanche history, but NHL history as well.

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Uwe Krupp’s Stanley Cup Winning Shot

This goal started the beginning of a NHL powerhouse. Had Krupp not scored that goal in triple overtime who knows what could have happened.

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Peter Forsberg’s Dominating Shift

This goal pretty much summed up everything Forsberg was, and he was a beast.

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Peter Forsberg Takes on Calgary

Yet again, Forsberg uses his unbelievable strength and skill to net this beauty vs the Calgary Flames in 2003.

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Matt Duchene’s Silky Moves

Welcome to the NHL Matt Duchene! In what was Duchene’s third season in his young NHL career, you could see why he was picked third overall and has such high potential with this nasty goal he pulled in Pittsburgh.

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There are tons of goals to choose from throughout Colorado Avalanche history, but these are the cream of the crop. Yes I know, Forsberg scored many other legendary goals, ones against the New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Edmonton Oilers, though I could not find individual highlights of them.

What say you Avalanche fans?