Big News in Detroit – Terrible Ted Lindsay is Back!

The Detroit Red Wings have just announced that former NHL standout Ted Lindsay, 39,  is coming out of retirement to join the Wings for tomorrow night’s opening game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.  Lindsay, one of the all-time great left wingers, last played in the NHL for the Chicago Black Hawks in the 1959-60 season. He scored seven goals and nineteen assists in 68 games that season.

Former Wings’ captain is making a comeback at age 39.

Lindsay played 16 years before his retirement, 13 of them with Detroit.  He was the left wing on the famed ‘Production Line’, with Gordie Howe on the right side and Sid Abel at centre.  Abel is now the general manager-coach of the Red Wings.

Abel is high on Ted

Abel said this about the shocking announcement, “He’s been practising with us for the past six weeks and we’ve been talking about his coming out of retirement.  He wanted to get back into the game as a player.”

“He’s in shape and I’ll use him on the power plays and probably on the number two line with Norm Ullman and Floyd Smith, as regular left wing Larry Jeffrey won’t dress due to an injured knee.”

“Ted signed a year’s contract but if he doesn’t think he can take it, he’ll quit.  And if we don’t feel he can do the job, we’ll let him go.  But I think he’s ready to play and I think he can help us.  He’s 39 years old but he was a great one and natural ability is something you never lose.”

Lindsay’s first game back after four years out of hockey will be a milestone – it will be his 1000th NHL game.

9 thoughts on “Big News in Detroit – Terrible Ted Lindsay is Back!”

  1. And don’t think for a minute he couldn’t lace’em up tonight.

    I played in a beer league out of the Detroit Skating Club in the 1990’s. Ted was suspended from the league for “Drity Play.” And he was about 70 then! Ted used to show up wearing a Red Wings took, skates tied together hanging from two sticks he carried over his shoulder. What a hoot! He is exactly who you think he is.

  2. I think he wore number 15 that year not his famous number 7. Terrible Ted was what Detroit stood for at the time. A hard worker who gave all he had, never once making an excuse.

  3. Crazy stuff. Had me fooled for a moment. Ted came back to the Wings for the 1964-65 season. Obviously, that is the season they are talking about in this article. Too bad, Ted could probably beat the Leafs with a Hat Trick as he did in the Playoffs in the 1950’s!

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