Brandon Dubinsky to Have Player Safety Hearing

Columbus Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky has a date with the NHL’s Department of Player Safety on Saturday. He’ll be having a talk about a cross-check he delivered to the back of Sidney Crosby’s neck on Friday.

Dubinsky came up behind Crosby in front of the Columbus neck and delivered a cross-check to the unprotected area between Crosby’s helmet and shoulder pads. The cross check dropped Crosby pretty quickly.

While Crosby was down grabbing his neck, Dubinsky delivered an additional cross-check to Crosby’s torso, breaking his stick on Crosby.

Despite the pair of cross-checks, Dubinsky just got a single cross-checking penalty in the game. But more discipline may be coming.

Take a look at the play below.

In Dubinsky’s favor is that Crosby didn’t appear to be significantly hurt in the play. He went to the dressing room afterward, but returned to the game at the start of the third period. He grabbed an assist on the power play in the third and said after the game that he was feeling alright.

“I’m ok. There is always concern when that happens,” he said. “Yeah, I’m good. Honestly, I didn’t even see it, so I don’t know how it looked. I just know how it felt.”