Craig Ramsay Joins Habs as Coaching Consultant

The Montreal Canadiens have named Craig Ramsay as a coaching consultant for the coming season, the team announced on Tuesday.

Ramsay has worked as a coach in the NHL for the better part of the last three decades, on the heels of a 1,070-game NHL career that was spent entirely within the Buffalo Sabres organization.

Ramsay has served as a head coach in single-year stints for the Buffalo Sabres, Atlanta Thrashers and Philadelphia Flyers. He’s also been an assistant coach with those teams as well as the Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers, Boston Bruins, Edmonton Oilers and the Tampa Bay Lightning, where he won a Stanley Cup in 2004 under head coach John Tortorella.

As a head coach, he’s got 232 games under his belt with a 102-98-17-15 record.

Ramsay will bring that experience to aid general manager Marc Beregevin and head coach Michel Therrien, much in the way that the Maple Leafs added Jacques Lemaire as a coaching consultant in that he’s around be we aren’t entirely sure what his role is and how it functions within the organization. One hopes that as the season rolls along we start to get a little clearer picture of what his role entails.

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