Dear Santa…From the Toronto Maple Leafs

We’re just days away from the big night when the jolly guy with the long white beard, wearing the big red suit, comes down the chimney and delivers joy and smiles to everyone around the world. That’s right folks, I’m talking about the power and magic of old Saint Nick. Be forewarned, if you’re the type to be a Grinch or a Scrooge, this post may not be for you. But if you’re the kind of jovial soul that embraces the holidays for all that  they are, then pour yourself a glass of eggnog and get ready for some fun.

Dear Santa…A Toronto Maple Leafs Wish List

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Dear St. Nick,

This Christmas I will be 29 years old. I have been both naughty and nice this year depending on how many jerseys have been tossed on the ice. Something I’ve learned this year is that regardless of what I do, people will criticize me. 

This year for Christmas…

…I’m wishful for…

  • An end to the post-game salute
  • For everyone to stop comparing the player I am now, to the player I once was in Calgary

…What I really need is…

  • Dave Nonis to acquire a legit top d-paring, so I’m not always playing against the opposition’s top line
  • GOALS…I have just one goal through 30 games this season

…Stocking stuffers include…

        From the captain’s log,

                   Dion Phaneuf

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Hey Kris,

This Christmas I will be 58 years old. I have been both naughty and nice this year depending on the game. One thing I’ve learned this year it to play my fourth line more than five minutes a game.

This year for Christmas…

…I’m wishful for…

…What I really need is…

  • To avoid another collapse
  • My team to buy into my methods, especially Gardiner and Kadri

…Stocking stuffers include…

        Your pal,

               Randy Carlyle

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Readers, feel free to add your own Toronto Maple Leafs or NHL related wish list in the comments section.

Happy holidays, happy hockey days, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!