Evander Kane Sued Over December Incident: Report

Just hours after Evander Kane entered a plea of not guilty to charges that stem from an alleged incident that occurred at a Buffalo area bar on June 24, his lawyers have confirmed he has been sued in a separate alleged incident that occurred in December 2015.

In her complaint, filed in the Supreme Court of New York on July 1, 2016, Rachel Kuechle alleges that on Dec. 26, 2015, she met Kane at the Encore Restaurant in Buffalo, and after he provided her with alcoholic beverages, invited her to his hotel room at the Buffalo Marriott Harborcenter on the morning of Dec. 27, 2015.

Kuechle further alleges that upon arriving at the hotel that morning, Kane physically battered her causing her to suffer “bodily injury including lacerations, extensive bleeding requiring multiple surgeries and blood transfusions, and serious emotional trauma.”

In March, the Erie County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that criminal charges would not be filed against Kane after the DA’s office and the Buffalo Police Department completed their investigation into the matter.

Paul J. Cambria, Jr., Kane’s criminal lawyer, told The Buffalo News that he and his partner, James T. Schime, plan to file a countersuit against Kuechle for making false claims. “We are preparing the countersuit now with my partner handling the civil action,” Cambria said.

Samuel J. Capizzi, the attorney that represents Kuechle, told The Buffalo News that his client’s case has merit. “As Mr. Cambria has said on a number of occasions recently, the truth will come out in court. We are going forward because we have a meritorious case and we will prove that in court,” Capizzi said.

Kane is due back in Buffalo City Court on Sept. 9 for separate charges he is currently facing for the June 24 incident.