Have the Red Wings made a deal with the Devil?

The time is upon us to find out if any of the theories floating around about the Detroit Red Wings and their motives behind signing goaltender Evgeni Nabokov.

With injuries a plenty to the Red Wings roster the goaltending has not been exempt. Veteran goaltender Chris Osgood is out after having surgery, sophomore in net Jimmy Howard suffered a ‘deep knee bruse’ and missed ice time after his pad shifted in game and was struck with the puck; and prospect Thomas McCollum was called up just to injure his finger (x-ray says no break) in practice.

Last night the Red Wings announced after much speculation during the day that they had signed Nabokov to a one-year deal. Only problem is he started the season in the KHL so he has to pass though waivers first before he can officially become a Red Wing. That shouldn’t be a problem with all the goaltending injuries and issues (#DanEllisProblems) right?

According to CapGeek today the Red Wings sent Joey MacDonald back down to the AHL affiliate Grand Rapids Griffins and have re called Jordan Pearce. Could this be a show of confidence that the Red Wings think they are going to walk away with Nabokov? How can they be so confident?

One theory is that they have worked out a deal with the Devil. Well the New Jersey Devils anyway.

Currently last in the league the Devils have first shot at the waiver to claim Nabokov (or anyone else that enters today). If they claim him and then turn around and place him back on waiver there is a loop hole being discussed that the Red Wings would then get the first shot at claiming him.

Well isn’t that just a nifty trick there that Ken Holland and Lou Lamorello may have figured out.

Question is to get the Devils to agree to such an agreement what are the Red Wings going to give up? Will there be a Red Wings / Devils trade soon? Maybe at the deadline or at the Draft to put distance between what may happen within the next 24 hours.

Right now it is just a waiting game to see where Nabokov lands; but that is not stopping the masses from discussing it or even putting money on it.

Again this is all speculation. I am not a psychic nor do I have any insider giving me any inside information.