Martin Brodeur Will Finish the Season With the Blues

The January 10, 2015 game against the Carolina Hurricanes displayed once again why Martin Brodeur was brought on. Despite speculation as to his final destination, the short leash provided to Brian Elliott in the first period — one marked by an odd deflection and the one bad goal he gave up in the game — is evidence that Brodeur was also incorporated to provide insurance to an organization still not convinced in Elliott’s health and, arguably, his ability to deliver in the postseason.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Coach Ken Hitchcock and GM Doug Armstrong all but anointed Brian Elliott as the starter — or at least the “1A” goaltender while recovering from the Ryan Miller debacle. Elliott sure enough took the majority of the starts to begin the season, then the injury happened. This opened the door for Jake Allen to continue to cement himself as the future starter, and gave an excuse to sign Brodeur. The fact that the invite to camp and the signing all took place in such a short time indicates that this conversation was ongoing for some time. Additionally, Brodeur’s new Blues mask arrived in about a week after his arrival to camp, another indicator that bringing Brodeur to the Blues was discussed even prior to Elliott’s injury. As usual, Elliott played admirably upon his return, until the first period of that interesting Carolina game.

After the second goal, Jake Allen was already in the hall stretching.

Brian Elliott
Brian Elliott

Brodeur is a Valuable Insurance Policy

It’s unlikely that Brian Elliott gets dealt prior to the trade deadline. Martin Brodeur hasn’t taken the starter’s job from anyone — but that’s because it never belonged to anyone to begin with. However, it remains likely that as strong as this Blues team is when healthy, and as small of an impact Brodeur’s contract has on the team, it’s smart to retain him even if he doesn’t play another game during the regular season. With Ken Hitchcock behind the bench, that of course is unlikely, but Brodeur’s experience and leadership has the ability to pay dividend irrespective of his ice time. Having a proven winner on the team if something catastrophic happens to either Elliott or Allen is prudent.

Courtesy TSN Photography
Martin Brodeur provides an adequate safety net for a strong team. (TSN Photography)

Jake Allen Hasn’t Proven Himself

This isn’t all about Brian Elliott and his proven issues with cementing himself in the minds of the Blues’ power structure. Jake Allen, while providing solid relief against Carolina and shutting the door in the shootout, was sporting an ugly .899 save percentage prior. Sure, this is Allen’s first full year in the NHL, but behind a sometimes-dominant team one might expect something in the vicinity of .910. Although at times brilliant, Allen’s inconsistency is somewhat understandable and acceptable if his role is primarily to back up Elliott. Hitchcock likes to platoon goalies, so Allen’s off nights make more of an impact. Unlike Elliott, Allen’s flaws are objectively measured, with the combination meaning a solid third option is subjectively required. No matter whether Brodeur starts Game 1 of this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs in the Note, he will be on the payroll.


Vladimir Tarasenko scored 21 goals last season (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)
Jake Allen’s development fits perfectly into a backup’s role. (Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports)

7 thoughts on “Martin Brodeur Will Finish the Season With the Blues”

  1. As a Blues fan, I have to call your suggestion that the Blues were just looking for an excuse to sign Brodeur what it is, a pile of manure. While I have no inside info, I dont believe you do either. At the time of Elliots injury, Allens backup, Binnington, had only played 12 games in the AHL. Thats not the level of experience you want in goal for a team with Cup aspirations. Signing an unemployed HOF goalie was an easy decision. I’m calling BS on this story.

    • Nope, no inside information. I’m looking at evidence and the fact that, for example, a mask that should have taken a month or more to complete was done in one week. Things in general all went down a little too fast, but I still applaud the decision. Hopefully he can stay with the team in some capacity, but at least we’re seeing that the rest of the team isn’t getting bogged down in the drama. Thanks for reading.

    • Allen I believe has to clear waivers if he is to ever go down to the minors due to his NHL Ice time? Or,
      He would have to fake a Back injury or some other injury that can’t be disproved, to go down to the minors
      for rehab assignment. Therefore they don’t have a choice. If I am wrong about having to make him available for the waiver wire…then something has changed. The point is….The Blues were flat. They stood around in their own zone through the period and watched Carolina beat them to the puck. Abad deflection off a skate by a rookie who should not have been in that position in front of Elliot in the first place, then a bad pass back to the point that missed , causing a break, and when the blues player fell while in pursuit basically Hung Elliot out to dry. Neither goal could have or should have been on Elliot. He was pulled to wake the Blues up! Ask Hitch.

  2. What a clueless article. You know Brodeur has been known to order a new helmet and have it 3 days later right? He has blamed his helmet on losses a few times so he immediately swapped it out. There is a painter who does easily 80% of the NHL and AHL masks. The guy can hammer out a helmet in a matter of hours now.

    • No Jags, that painter does not do that many. Although, that might explain why she got it out so fast.

  3. @David…The reason he was pulled had absolutely nothing to do with him or his play. The Blues gave up a break away at the Blue line at the other end of the rink & then in pursuit the player fell giving a clean cut break. The deflection off of Butler a fluke….He was pulled to wake up the Blues and send a message more
    like…I’m not going to let you guys hang Elliot out to dry! They were just standing around the entire period watching Carolina skate circles around them. It woke them up! Needless to say they went on to win. It had
    nothing to do with Brodeur. If so…Why did they play Jake Allen as the Back Up? They gave Brodeur $700,000.00 to play. They don’t need to throw it away.They can’t send Allen to the Minors without an injury without passing waivers…Why risk it…& why waste $700,000.00 for a couple weeks service.

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