Jones is “Stud Goaltender, Penguin Hunter” – Wikipedia

At some point overnight, a publicly minded citizen decided to help the folks over at Wikipedia keep the page on San Jose Sharks goaltender Martin Jones up-to-date.

According to Jones’ Wikipedia page, not only is he a “Stud Goaltender, Penguin Hunter” — which is a really cool title for anyone, by the way — he has also been committing acts of larceny in the Pittsburgh-region of Pennsylvania recently.

Considering the edits that were made we can probably assume that the editor is a Sharks fan, made the edits after the Sharks 4-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5 last night, and that there might have been some adult beverages involved.

Martin Jones

We’re not sure how long the entry will remain, so we here at The Hockey Writers decided to save it for posterity, whether Jones ultimately becomes a successful “Penguin Hunter” or not.