NHL 16 Be A Pro Details

EA Sports has released a new developer diary for fans that details what players can expect from the single-player Be A Pro mode in NHL 16 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Be A Pro allows users to create their own customer player, and forge a career of their own from prospect to NHL Hall of Famer. Players will start by choosing whether to start as a CHL prospect working to get drafted, or as an already drafted NHL player working to earn his spot in the league.

The game allows you to be the type of player you best play as. If you’re a bruising power forward, then focusing on things like body checks and standing up for teammates. Want to become a pure scorer like Alexander Ovechkin? Find ways to get into the open areas to bury pucks past opposing goaltenders.

It’s all about your player progressing based on how you play. To also help with progression, coach feedback has returned to the mode, helping players improve on certain aspects of their game. The new visual trainer also makes its debut in the mode to allow more fine tuning of skills.

NHL 16 launches in North America on September 15; Europe gets the game on September 17.