NHL Draft: 50 Twitter Accounts to Follow

The NHL Draft is an exciting time and over recent years, it’s appeal has been growing among fans of all levels. Whether you’re a casual fan or a die-hard draft enthusiast, you’re all looking for draft news and information. Good news, there are countless accounts that can provide you with draft content.

From in-depth analysis to GIFS, from hard-hitting journalism to hot takes, here are 50 Twitter accounts that you need to be following to fulfill all of your draft needs.

NHL Draft: 50 Twitter Accounts to Follow

Before we dive in, just a couple of notes. First, of course, there are more accounts that you could be following. If you notice one that should be in here, leave a note in the comments! Second, the names are listed alphabetically, by last name. Third, this list is personal accounts, not websites/organizations/scouting agencies/etc. Chances are, you already follow many of the big accounts, and while there are some very popular accounts below, it’s likely there are a few that you can (and should) add to your follows.

Finally, I didn’t include myself on this list because that would be too narcissistic, but hey, my Twitter handle is @JoshuaBell31. Feel free to reach out if you’re wanting to chat prospects!

Alright, here we go. Here are 50 Twitter accounts that you need to follow for all of your NHL Draft needs:

Lassi Alanen

Twitter Handle: @lassialanen

A scout and prospect analyst for EPRinkside (Elite Prospects), Lassi Alanen has you covered when it comes to Finnish prospects. On top of some incredibly in-depth articles on EPRinkside.com, he often shares insight, news, and GIFs on his account. When it comes to Finnish-based players, Alanen has you covered and then some.

Byron Bader

Twitter Handle: @ByronMBader

Byron Bader is the creator of the NHLe Player Comparison Tool that can be found on HockeyProspecting.com. NHLe is an equation used to determine how a player’s point production would translate to the NHL. Bader takes this data and compares it to decades worth of NHL data to produce comparisons for prospects. He shares a great number of these on Twitter, providing an analytical projection of your favourite prospects.

Benoit Belanger

Twitter Handle: @BenoitGBelanger

A prospect writer for McKeens Hockey, Benoit Belanger often tweets out his thoughts and analysis around the prospects he’s watching. In French or English, Belanger offers his opinions on prospects ranked up and down the draft. He’s a definite follow for the casual or die-hard draft enthusiast.

Caitlin Berry

Twitter Handle: @caitlinsports

If you’ve seen GIFs from the OHL, chances are it was Caitlin Berry that supplied it. A British writer contributing to All Beard No Teeth Hockey, Berry provides excellent clips and insight into the OHL world. On top of the OHL, she covers NHL Draft prospects in general and some great insight into the underrated British hockey world. She recently started up a podcast called Hockey From Across the Pond with Mark Rackham, which you should definitely check out.

Jérôme Bérubé

Twitter Handle: @Jerome_Berube

A Head Scout for HockeyProspect.com, Jérôme Bérubé is a guy who puts in the work. He shares lots of his thoughts on draft-eligible prospects and provides some of the research that he’s put together like this great look at how players performed against weaker and top teams. He’s a regular on the HockeyProspect podcast and a must-follow for draft followers.

Mitch Brown

Twitter Handle: @MitchLBrown

Mitch Brown is an excellent prospect analyst, providing multiple levels of content that you can enjoy. Right on his Twitter account, he often shares breakdowns of gameplay showing you exactly what he’s thinking about certain prospects. He’s a writer for The Athletic and EPRinkside, where he breaks down more video, on top of being the creator of the Patreon site CHL microstats database. His combination of eye-test and analytics makes him one of the most knowledgable prospect follows out there.

J.D. Burke

Twitter Handle: @JDylanBurke

Ah, J.D. Burke. Burke is probably the most polarizing name on this list but love him or hate him, he knows his stuff. The editor of EPRinkside (on top of being the co-host of TSN1040 and a Vancouver Canucks writer for The Athletic) doesn’t hide what you’re getting into though. From his Twitter bio: “Iconoclastic take machine”. Burke is another great resource for high-end content, clips, and the occasional hot take. Come for the prospects, stay for the entertainment (well, and the prospects).

Craig Button

Twitter Handle: @CraigJButton

Alright, you probably already follow TSN’s Craig Button. But if there’s a list about draft accounts to follow, you have to include him. His draft rankings on TSN can sometimes raise some eyebrows but there’s no questioning that Button is an encyclopedia of prospect knowledge and insider information. He’s also one of the best in the business at answering draft and prospect-related questions on Twitter, so be sure to fire away.

Czech Prospects

Twitter Handle: @CZprospects

I’d say that this is one of the most underrated hockey accounts out there. Czech Prospects covers all you need to know about – you guessed it – Czech prospects. Both draft and NHL-affiliated, this account provides clips, news, and opinion about all of your favourite prospects and probably some that you don’t know – yet. An incredible follow that will get you up to speed on a nation’s prospects that aren’t always in the headlines.

Colin Cudmore

Twitter Handle: @CudmoreColin

If you’re a fan of the Ottawa Senators, Colin Cudmore is a must-follow. If you’re a fan of the NHL Draft, Colin Cudmore is a must-follow. A writer for Silver Seven Sens, Cudmore has created a spreadsheet that consolidates public draft rankings, giving each prospect an expected range of where they’ll be taken in the NHL Draft. He’s constantly adding new features, including who sources are high or low on, notable omissions, league bias, and mock drafts.

Mark Edwards

Twitter Handle: @MarkEdwardsHP

On top of being founder and Director of Scouting for HockeyProspect.com, Mark Edwards also serves as an analyst on the NHL Network Radio’s Prospect show. His voice can also be found on HockeyProspect’s podcast. He shares these podcasts, articles, draft rankings, and much more on his account, providing the insight of someone with immense knowledge in the prospect industry.

Steven Ellis

Twitter Handle: @StevenEllisNHL

The former Digital Content Producer for The Hockey News, Steven Ellis has an eye on every prospect out there. From providing content on the CHL Drafts to the NHL Draft, Ellis watches players develop over the years up to the draft. He will keep you up to date on all things prospects and hey, it turns out he’s also an artist. He’s been writing for his own personal website, which I strongly recommend you check out.

Tony Ferrari

Twitter Handle: @theTonyFerrari

An editor for DobberProspects and an OHL scout for Future Considerations, Tony Ferrari has the content you need. From draft rankings, to his popular “Player A or Player B” posts, to deep dives on prospects, Ferrari offers opinions, analysis, and facts about prospects all over the world. He has clips, quotes, and first-hand viewings of players, proving stellar content based on that very often.

Larry Fisher

Twitter Handle: @LarryFisher_KDC

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Our very own Larry Fisher of The Hockey Writers is one of the hardest working scouts out there. A WHL scout for Future Considerations, Fisher is in the rinks doing his research. He has some of the best draft rankings out there, and extremely in-depth features, mock drafts, and more. He’s often sharing his opinions and viewing takeaways on Twitter and is very open to reach out to with questions. If you haven’t already, I strongly recommend checking out his work.

Dylan Galloway

Twitter Handle: @dylangalloway_

The Future Considerations’ Head Scout for Eastern Canada and the United States, Dylan Galloway. He’s almost always in a rink it seems, tweeting out his impressions and opinions of the players on the ice. He’s an excellent analyst when it comes to the game of hockey, and if you’re looking for some thoughts on prospects, he’s a go-to follow for sure.

Daniel Gee

Twitter Handle: @DanielGScouting

Daniel Gee is one of the best follows out there when you’re looking for clips of players. He has a ton of Vancouver Canucks prospect content, but he also posts a great deal about NHL draft prospects. Gee tends to tweet in series, showing video and breaking down player’s games for all to see. He supplies great analysis, digging into the pros and cons of each player. One of the more underrated people on this list. Go give him a follow.

Ashley Glover

Twitter Handle: @AshGloverHockey

Speaking of underrated follows out there, go follow Ashley Glover. Glover is a writer for Colorado Hockey Now and DobberProspects, and recently started a prospect podcast called the Painting Prospects Podcast that you’re not going to want to miss. He offers great insight into prospect’s play, after putting in countless hours of work (take a look at his 2020 Final Draft Rankings for proof).

Dylan Griffing

Twitter Handle: @Dylan_Griffing

One of the hockey leagues out there that doesn’t get nearly enough coverage is the MHL. Well, Dylan Griffing has you covered. He covers the league for DobberProsepects, often showing great clips and insight into an undercovered league. He also creates great charts digging into the analytics of prospects, giving a deeper look into players across the globe.


Rachel Halliwell

Twitter Handle: @rachelhaliwell

Rachel Halliwell is a reporter for the OHL Network and HockeyProspect.com. She’s been interviewing top draft-eligible prospects, getting inside the heads of some of the NHL’s future stars. From fun facts, to talking about the game we all love, Halliwell has been pumping out some great content recently.

Sam Happi

Twitter Handle: @DraftLook

Sam Happi might be one of the most in-depth prospect analysts out there. A contributor to The Prospect Network, Draft Geek Hockey, and DobberProspects, Happi provides an excellent analysis of players, breaking down player’s games in a way that not many others can do. From analysis to draft rankings, to GIFs, he’s one of my top-recommended follows.

Peter Harling

Twitter Handle: @pharling

On top of being the Content Editor for DobberProspects, Peter Harling is the host of the DobberProspects Radio Podcast. He speaks to many voices in the industry, who break down player’s games, teams, and so much more. He often has guests on to chat NHL Draft prospects, and if you’re a draft, prospects, or hockey fan, you won’t want to miss it.

Tate Harris

Twitter Handle: @tateharris9

If you haven’t tuned into Tate Harris’ The O Show, you’re missing out. Harris, along with Cody Wall (@CodyWall62), runs a stellar podcast around the OHL, bringing on incredible guests and simply talking hockey. On top of this, he shares lots of news and clips around the OHL, making him a must-follow for not just those who like the “O”, but hockey fans in general.

Joel Henderson

Twitter Handle: @dathockeydoe

A Western Hockey League scout for Future Considerations and a writer for DobberProspects, Joel Henderson should be considered a go-to voice for WHL prospects. His eye for talent is on point, proven by his high praise for Adam Beckman in the 2019 NHL Draft when not many others were very high on him. A great follow.

Brandon Holmes

Twitter Handle: @BHolmes_Hockey

On top of running his own site, ridingpinehockey.com, Brandon Holmes writes for DobberProspects and Draft Geek Hockey. He’s also the host of the Painting Prospects Podcast with Ashley Glover (found above). If you like video clips of prospects, Holmes is a must-follow. He often shares clips of the players he’s watching, offering a breakdown of their play. He’s definitely a great account to follow.

Lauren Kelly

Twitter Handle: @laurkelly24

There’s a very valid argument to make that Lauren Kelly is one of the hardest working writers out there. A writer for Raw Charge, Kelly takes on extremely in-depth prospect series often that are always must-reads. From covering the World Juniors to giving a look to future drafts, she checks all the boxes of what you’d look for in an NHL Draft follow. Clips, great journalism, and great analysis.

Ryan Kennedy

Twitter Handle: @THNRyanKennedy

Alright, just like Button, you probably already follow Ryan Kennedy. A writer for The Hockey News, Kennedy specializes in prospects. With his position with The Hockey News, Kennedy is able to get interviews with players and get views on players that might not be the most well-known. But he produces great journalism, giving a look at players near the top of the draft and those names that you might not know. You can also hear him on The Hockey News’ podcast often talking prospects as well.

Steve Kournianos

Twitter Handle: @TheDraftAnalyst

Known as “The Draft Analyst,” Steve Kournianos lives up to that title. He puts in the work, coming out with features, draft rankings, profiles, and so much more for his own site and Sporting News. He shares many clips on his Twitter account, giving his analysis of players all over the globe. He also runs his own podcast, ensuring that you have all of your draft needs are met.

Jack LeGwin

Twitter Handle: @jacklegwin

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Another one of The Hockey Writers’ own, Jack LeGwin is your source of prospect interviews. He hosts the Behind-the-Scenes Hockey Podcast, talking to both draft-eligible and NHL-affiliated prospects. He also writes features for The Hockey Writers, turning those interviews into written word. To get to hear the voice of the next wave of NHL stars, be sure to give LeGwin a follow.

Andy Lehoux

Twitter Handle: @Andylehoux1

A QMJHL scout for Future Considerations, Andy Lehoux should be considered a go-to voice of the league. His YouTube channel is incredible, where he provides a breakdown of players in the “Q” through video. You can see his process through FC’s Notebook series, where he breaks down the play of those he’s watching. He’s an excellent evaluator of hockey talent.

Grant McCagg

Twitter Handle: @grantmccagg

If you’re looking for draft-eligilbe prospect talk, Grant McCagg will provide. The founder of Recrutes.ca, McCagg is constantly sharing his own thoughts on prospects while sharing that of others in the industry. There are some hot takes for sure, but let’s face it – that’s exactly what you’re looking for. The draft talk is constant for McCagg, so be sure to go check him out.

Ben Misfeldt

Twitter Handle: @BBMHockey

Ben Misfeldt is another member of the stellar The Prospect Network – he’s actually the founder. He’s extremely detailed in his analysis of prospects, and always touches on the hot-button issues. Misfeldt is quick to engage with followers, answering questions and comments with regularity. He’s one of my personal favourites when it comes to player analysis and I strongly suggest you check out his work.

Mike Morreale

Twitter Handle: @mikemorrealeNHL

Here’s another one you’re probably already following. But hey, he has to be on this list. A writer for NHL.com, Mike Morreale’s life is prospects. As the co-host of the NHL Draft Class podcast, Morreale speaks to those in the industry and players alike, giving you first-hand information on the NHL’s future stars. You probably already follow him if you’re into draft talk, but if not, here’s your nudge.

Derek Neumeier

Twitter Handle: @Derek_N_NHL

Derek Neumeier is a WHL scout for Future Considerations and a writer for the Defending Big D, a SB Nation Dallas Stars site. Neumeier seems to constantly be watching hockey and lucky enough for you, he is just as constantly sharing his thoughts. Neumeier is a great resource for information on prospects up and down the draft, including guys you may not have heard of. He’s realistic in his projections of prospects, which isn’t always easy to come by in today’s scouting world. You won’t be disappointed.

Jokke Nevalainen

Twitter Handle: @JokkeNevalainen

The king of Finnish prospects, also known as the Head of European Scouting for DobberProspects, Jokke Nevalainen goes in-depth like not many others do. He has all the information you could possibly imagine on Finland’s finest, while keeping an eye on the rest of Europe and North America. He’s on podcasts, his analysis can be found on other websites on top of Dobber, and he has a wealth of knowledge on all prospects. Nevalainen is a must-follow.

Brock Otten

Twitter Handle: @BrockOtten

Speaking of must-follows, Brock Otten (perhaps better known as OHL Prospects) runs his own website and is a contributor to McKeen’s Hockey. His analysis is among the best out there, and his content never disappoints. He provides informative, descriptive breakdowns of player’s games and has an eye on the OHL Draft, the NHL Draft, and more. He’s always sharing his thoughts on Twitter, so hurry up and make sure you’re following him so you don’t miss anything.

Chris Peters

Twitter Handle: @chrismpeters

ESPN’s prospect and draft writer Chris Peters gives insight on prospects all over the globe and shares news, inside information, and opinions on his account. Being in the United States, he has great knowledge of the NCAA and USHL spheres that not many others do. That being said, he shares information on all-things prospects, and provides incredibly in-depth analysis and commentary on ESPN+.

Tobias Pettersson

Twitter Handle: @ManUtdTobbe

You might be starting to see a trend of The Prospect Network writers popping in here, and for good reason. They know their stuff. Tobias Pettersson is no different. In the prospect world, the European players tend to get forgotten or overshadowed in North American markets (for the most part). Pettersson makes sure that doesn’t happen. He’s not afraid to share his opinion which on top of being spot on, is usually pretty entertaining as well.

Corey Pronman

Twitter Handle: @coreypronman

A writer for The Athletic, Corey Pronman is one of the most well-known and well-respected prospect guys out there. Formerly of ESPN, Pronman touches on players all over the world, draft-eligible and NHL-affiliated. He’s one of the first to share prospect news, and writes articles like no one else, getting inside information from scouts, teams, and more. Draft and prospect followers will likely pay for The Athletic just for Pronman’s work.

Cam Robinson

Twitter Handle: @Hockey_Robinson

One of my go-to prospect analysts is the extremely well-known Cam Robinson of DobberProspects. He’s the Managing Editor of DobberProspects, on top of being the Director of Film Scouting for EliteProspects, and you can hear him on Sportsnet 650. Robinson provides excellent analysis of prospects and isn’t afraid to make bold statements and stand by them. He often posts clips, on top of his great content. Also, if you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan, chances are you already follow him for his Canucks prospects content.

Russian Prospects

Twitter Handle: @RUSProspects

Similar to Czech Prospects from above, Russian Prospects keeps you up-to-date on all things out of Russia. Prospects in leagues such as the MHL are often vastly undercovered, but Russian Prospects keeps you in the know. Both draft-eligible and NHL-affilated prospect news will be shared, as well as a ton of other content out of the nation. Be sure to follow so you can keep up with all things Russia.

Mark Scheig

Twitter Handle: @markscheig

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The things I could say about Mark Scheig. They’d all be great things. One of the warmest, hardest working people out there, Scheig is a legend around The Hockey Writers and hockey community in general. He covers the Columbus Blue Jackets and the OHL’s Erie Otters, providing some great content and interviews throughout the year. If you can find a way to follow his twice, you probably should.

Will Scouch

Twitter Handle: @Scouching

You should probably go follow Will Scouch quickly if you aren’t already, because I have a feeling he won’t be around for too long. With the incredible content he puts out, both on his YouTube channel, his website, and now for McKeen’s Hockey, it won’t be long before he’s scooped up by an NHL team. Until then, Scouch watches prospects like no one else, providing an analytical look like you’ve never seen before. Just go check out one of his videos (and subscribe to his channel) for proof. Make sure you have some time to kill though, because you’re going to be hooked.

David St-Louis

Twitter Handle: @RinksideView

You can find David St-Louis’ work all over, from Habs’ Eyes on the Prize, to Pension Plan Puppets, to EPRinkside. One of my favourite pieces of his can be found on The Coaches Site. Luckily for you, he’s compiled some of his work together for you to easily navigate. St-Louis has an incredible ability to break down players’ games and the systems that teams use. Go check out some of his work – you’ll be happy you did.

Yannick St-Pierre

Twitter Handle: @DraftDynasty1

Yannick St-Pierre is another YouTuber that you need to follow. His video scouting reports are extremely in-depth and allow you to see exactly what he’s describing. From highlight montages to these reports, you not only need to follow him on Twitter, but subscribe to his YouTube channel. On Twitter, he shares analytical data, opinion, clips, and much more. He provides some excellent content that you should start watching immediately.


Sam Stern

Twitter Handle: @SternScouting

When I was first focusing all of my energy into prospects, Sam Stern was somebody I constantly looked to for his critique, analysis, and thoughts. Luckily enough for his followers, there’s a ton of it. I remember reading his posts thinking “how does this guy do it?” He seems to keep up-to-date tabs on prospects from every corner of the planet. You can ask him about a seventh-round pick from Russia or a third-rounder from Norway, and he’ll have thoughts. A scout for Future Considerations, Stern will keep you updated on prospects from all over.

Josh Tessler

Twitter Handle: @JoshTessler_

Another scout for Future Considerations, who recently started his own scouting service called Smaht Scouting, Josh Tessler keeps a close eye on the QMJHL, USHL, and NCAA. However, the other eye watches the rest of the world. He’s extremely open to talk prospects, hockey, or really anything else. He produces great content, great tweets, and great analysis. Be sure to reach out for all your prospect questions.

Samuel Tirpak

Twitter Handle: @SammyT_51

A writer for DobberProspect and the Slovakian website Oh My Hockey, Sammy Tirpak is another follow that provides great information of some of the European players that might go unnoticed. Tirpak has an eye on prospects that many would miss, covering both the Czech Republic and Slovakian prospects. As I’ve mentioned, European guys tend to get less coverage in North America. Well, Tirpak helps the fight against that, making sure you know the names you need to know.


Twitter Handle: @TPEHockey

TPEHockey not only has an eye on the upcoming draft, but the next one, the one after that, and the one after that. The account keeps an eye on prospects of all ages, providing content that not many others do. If you have any questions about future drafts, chances are TPEHockey has already posted about that player. Another contributor of The Prospect Network’s strong team, the account is a must follow to make sure you know about the incredible talent coming up for years to come.

Scott Wheeler

Twitter Handle: @scottcwheeler

Last but certainly not least, Scott Wheeler is one of my personal go-to analysts for thoughts on prospects. Writing for The Athletic, Wheeler alone is worth the price of admission for the site. From his “The Gifted” series, to his draft rankings, to his incredible features that take you behind the scenes, Wheeler is not only an excellent prospect evaluator but a wonderful storyteller.

Of course, there are a ton of other accounts and people out there that are excellent follows but aren’t on this list. Believe me, narrowing it down to 50 was not easy. Some others definitely deserve some recognition as well. Be sure to drop the Twitter handle(s) of the others you think should be added to this list in the comments! This will be a fluid post, that I’ll look to update (and possibly expand) in the future.

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