Rangers Should Move Buchnevich if Struggles Continue

The New York Rangers have a lot of young talent on their current roster with many guys who are 21 years of age or under. The hope is for the youth to gain experience and develop into the next generation of perennial Blueshirts in the team’s 90-plus years of existence.

Even though he may be over the age of 21, Pavel Buchnevich, 24, is someone looked upon to be a member of the team’s future for many years to come. His recent struggles though, have once again put him under the microscope of scrutiny.

Buchnevich’s Scoring Trouble History

Ever since Buchnevich entered the league in 2016, he has been criticized repeatedly for not always producing up to the expectations placed upon him. The hope was to groom Buchnevich into one of the Rangers’ cornerstone pieces in their rebuild process. That has been the plan but it hasn’t always been easy. He can go through stretches where he looks really good and other times he is practically non-existent.

Pavel Buchnevich Rangers
Pavel Buchnevich, New York Rangers, Mar. 22, 2018 (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

In his rookie season with the Rangers, Buchnevich tallied eight goals and 20 points in 41 games played. It wasn’t anything special, but everyone gave the kid a pass considering he was pretty raw then. Many said it was going to take some time before he can grow into the player he is capable of. Unfortunately, the following two seasons yielded similar results where he underachieved.

There was even some speculation about whether or not the Rangers would ship Buchnevich off at the trade deadline last February. At the time, the Rangers were sellers and had no intention of going to the playoffs. Trading away Buchnevich would have certainly made sense considering he, at the time, had been around for three years and had not lived up to the hype. It also seemed logical to pull the trigger on a trade considering they parted ways with former teammate Jimmy Vesey sending him to the Buffalo Sabres.

While Buchnevich was spared in the process, he has seen other young promising talent like Kevin Hayes head out the door to the Philadelphia Flyers and Neil Pionk soaring off to the Winnipeg Jets. If he isn’t too careful, he could very well be the next one on his way to a completely new team soon. That is why the 2019-20 campaign for Buch is critical if he intends to be a Ranger for the long-term future. In comes his most recent string of offensive struggles and what this could mean if he can’t break out of it.

Buchnevich Must Step Up Now

As previously mentioned, Buchnevich is going to be looked at a little more closely this season. The Rangers have given him more than one second-chance to prove his worth. It’s likely his last opportunity and his recent struggles are certainly not doing him any favors. The organization’s patience is running thin and time is of the essence for him.

At this very moment, he has produced only one point in his last 11 games played. That is not acceptable considering what his talents are supposed to bring to the table. The Rangers need his skills to kick into high gear in order for him to become a leader of this squad. Anything short of these expectations will probably lead to a trade with another team sooner than later.

Pavel Buchnevich Rangers
Pavel Buchnevich, New York Rangers, Mar. 22, 2018 (Amy Irvin / The Hockey Writers)

Before this current dry-spell he is going through, Buchnevich got off to a fantastic start to the season. It seemed like he was finally going to turn it around and spare himself the stress and speculation about his future in the Big Apple. Between Oct. 3 and Nov. 23, he gathered up five goals and 13 assists in 21 games played. He was even competing with fellow teammate Artemi Panarin for the team lead in assists. That’s how good it was for him but unfortunately, times have changed.

The NHL can sometimes be a cruel league, and one mistake can lead to many more in a consecutive fashion. For whatever the reason may be, Buchnevich has gone silent. Questions are being raised again as to whether or not it is time to move on. If he can’t get back on track, it wouldn’t come as a shock to me if Buchnevich will be wearing a different sweater by the end of February.

While it pains me to focus on the negatives about a specific player, sometimes when it can’t be ignored something needs to be said. Problems like this that get swept under the rug can lead to even more difficult troubles later on for the well-being of the team. Buchnevich has had more than enough time to grow and develop and I am beginning to get the feeling this is what he is going to be.

Pavel Buchnevich, New York Rangers
Pavel Buchnevich, New York Rangers (Jess Starr/The Hockey Writers)

He will go for some stretches where he looks like he’s got everything under control and then suddenly he can drastically regress on a dime. Hopefully, he can prove us wrong and get it together in order to remain a Ranger for many years to come. Only time will tell, but the clock is ticking on whether he will pull through or fail.