The Funniest John Scott Tweets From NHL All-Star Weekend

It became somewhat of a global phenomena to root for 6-foot-8 John Scott and his unlikely appearance at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. It started out as a joke but it quickly captivated the league’s fans who unanimously voted him as the Pacific Division captain. So after some embarrassingly bad attempts at blackmailing John Scott by the NHL, he frolicked into the All-Star weekend with a grin on his face and a whole league of players and fans behind him. Fans loved it, players loved it and apparently so did twitter where John Scott tweets have skyrocketed.

It’s awesome how much support Scott received after feeling like his whole world came crashing down on him (read this article by Player’s Tribune about John Scott’s journey to the NHL). Nonetheless John Scott is no All-Star in the traditional sense of the word…and he knows it damn well. While he was busy smashing Sidney Crosby’s NHL All-Star Game goal totals, some people were cracking some pretty hilarious jokes on Twitter.

So without further ado, here are ten of the funniest John Scott tweets surrounding this whole madness:

The blackmailing tactics almost worked… although the mighty John Scott powered through them.

Gary oh Gary… must be feeling it this morning my friend.

The sweetest check to cash in the world.

Whipping and Nae Nae-ing is not for us. Neither is John Scott…oh wait, he’s awesome.

Well that escalated quickly. I’d imagine Crosby won’t be feeling so welcome on his next trip to Detroit.

This I can support. #JohnScottforPresidentoftheUnitedStates2016

This Tweet Will Have You Reaching For Kleenex…Seriously

And last but not least after getting a much deserved laugh out of this whole situation, take a look at this breakaway snipe by Scott who looks like a little kid on Christmas morning after he buries. This is what it’s all about, what a wonderful professional and a great showing by the league’s players.