The Reunification of Patrick Roy and Alexander Radulov

An interesting idea has been floating around ever since Patrick Roy took charge as Head Coach and Vice President of Hockey Operations for the Colorado Avalanche.

That idea would be the reunification of Patrick Roy and Alexander Radulov. This idea of course stemmed from the simple fact that Roy previously coached Radulov in the QMJHL for the Quebec Remparts.

Now a rumor with some traction has surfaced about that very idea.

Roy More Than Capable of Handling the Task

If anyone can handle Alexander Radulov it is Patrick Roy, as he has proven before in Quebec. Perhaps they have a special relationship with one another and this can actually happen without a major disaster, which I am sure most would predict. Though most predicted Patrick Roy would make an awful NHL head coach, would lose his cool and get suspended, etc etc.

Well Patrick Roy has made for a great head coach, winning the Jack Adams his first year behind the Avalanche bench. Most were wrong about Patrick Roy, most will probably be wrong about Alexander Radulov. That is, if this reunification happens at all.

Would it Make Sense?

No one doubts Alexander Radulov’s hockey skill, it’s the off-ice issues that warrant concern. If Radulov has his head on right and wants to commit to playing for Patrick Roy again, that would certainly add to an already deadly offense.

So let’s say Radulov does become an Avalanche player, where does he fit in exactly? Well he’d fit in quite nicely actually, definitely giving the Avalanche one of the most potent offenses in the league.

Radulov is a right-winger with a great shot to go along with great puck skills and even some sandpaper. And no I have not forgotten about the defense, it’s just that this isn’t about the defense at all. It’s about a rumor/idea that has been thrown around for quite some time now, so let’s see what the forward lineup could look like.

There would obviously need to be some players willing to play in different positions, which usually is not a problem, especially with the versatile group Colorado has.

  1. O’Reilly – Duchene – Iginla
  2. Landeskog – MacKinnon – Radulov
  3. McGinn – Hishon – Tanguay
  4. McLeod – Mitchell – Everberg

Those are some very nice lines that can be tinkered with ease. That is assuming Joey Hishon builds off his great finish, otherwise John Mitchell takes over 3rd line center and Winchester/FA would slot into the 4th line.

It’s just whether the Colorado Avalanche want to take a chance on Alexander Radulov, and is that feeling mutual?

Here are some highlights from the talented and passionate Russian: