The Strangest Maple Leafs Stories This Season

Toronto Maple Leafs fans, step off the ledge. The team is in the midst of a three-game losing streak, including ugly losses to Buffalo and Nashville by a combined score of 15-4. Take a breath. Things will get better Leafs Nation. I swear this fan base has been pulled through the mud so frequently that sometimes the results on the ice practically don’t matter. If there is a positive byproduct of all this, I suppose it’s that there’s always something engaging or divisive for Toronto Maple Leafs fans away from the ice. With that in mind, let’s step away from the play on the ice to review the five strangest stories from the Leafs season thus far.


Anne Murray’s Tweet

The voice of an angel, the sound of a nation, I dare you not to listen to Snowbird and feel man…just…feel. Anne Murray is a true beauty, and her following tweet was also a thing of pure brilliance. At the time, the Toronto Maple Leafs were losing to Boston, and about to drop to 3-4-1 on the season.

The strangest thing about this is after Murray sent the tweet, the Leafs went on a red-hot streak. Three consecutive wins, including two points at home over the Blackhawks where James Reimer did his best brick wall impression turning aside 26 shots in the third period and 45 in the win. The Maple Leafs have subsequently fallen back to earth a bit, but still boast a 6-4-1 record since Murray’s tweet, so if it takes a little Danny’s Song to get the boys going, I’m all for it.


Leafs & Sens Fight…IN THE STANDS

Over the years we’ve seen some pretty gruesome and epic fights between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators; Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner, Tie Domi vs Chris Neil, Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner, Nathan Perrott vs Chris Neil, and Colton Orr vs Matt Carkner (pause that last link at the 23-second mark to see Phil Kessel smile like we haven’t seen in quite some time). As these provincial rivals hook up on the ice, from time to time the animosity and vitriol finds its way into the stands. That was the unfortunate case recently in Ottawa.


It wasn’t the first time and it probably won’t be the last time that a couple of sauced Leafs and Sens fans throw punches in the stands. Let’s hope that the fans in the stands can find a level of maturity and responsibility before someone gets seriously injured…or worse.


Jerseys Thrown on the Ice

I debated including this in the list, but ultimately it was necessary. I don’t support the idea of throwing anything on the ice surface, let alone a Leafs jersey, but this story was so strange that it needed to be a part of this topic. Game two of the season, home to the Pittsburgh Penguins, a lackluster effort and trailing 5-2 in the third, and this happens…


Point made. But this story was far from done. Another Leafs jersey would be destined to hit the ACC ice only six days later against Detroit. However, unlike the first jersey thrower who seemed to be genuinely fed-up, the second thrower had more deceptive intentions.  

Bloody Habs fans. We’ll get you for that. Mark our blue and white words; we’ll get you back for that.


Peter Holland on Leafs Lunch

It was a rough start to Peter Holland’s appearance on Leafs Lunch as heard on TSN 1050 and seen on TSN 4. Admitting you have no clue who Anne Murray is definitely docks some points off your scorecard. But like the resilient player that Holland is, he comes back swinging with a bit of gusto, taking a swipe at former Leaf Jeff O’Neill.’Neill&id=467176

Well it seems like the Leafs Lunch mojo keeps on working its magic, because after Holland’s interview, the former Guelph Storm production rate increased dramatically. In his nine games prior to the interview, Holland had zero goals, one point, and registered a mere seven shots on goal. In the ten games since Peter Holland has scored all four of his goals, racked up seven points, and has fired 19 shots on target. His faceoff percentage and his plus/minus are the only facets of his game that has taken a statistical dip since his appearance on the show back on October 30th. Maybe Hayes, McLennan and O’Neill can book Kadri (who has just one goal in his last eight games) on the show sometime this week.


Jersey Fouls – TML Edition

Who ended up wasting more money; the dude who threw his Leafs jersey on the ice, or this clown who definitely spent extra to get his custom Crosby jersey made? Please Maple Leafs fans, don’t be this guy …

If you see a particularly spectacular TML jersey fail, we want to see them! Snap a picture, tweet it to me @BroBehindTheMic, and your jersey foul could be featured in a future THW post!


Honorable Mentions:

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  1. Hockey is entertainment, disrespectful to the JERSEY, give me a break this is not a religion, unless your from Montreal … other than that, Kessel, should man up and if the criticism fits, TAKE IT. As for charges, I think the fan should have voted with his feet and requested a refund.

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