What is a Fantasy Hockey Keeper League?


There are some managers who can’t get enough of fantasy hockey during the regular season but are stymied by the inconvenience of the hockey off-season. For those who can’t seem to wait to get back to the fantasy hockey action, a keeper league may be just what the doctor ordered.

What is a fantasy hockey keeper league?

A fantasy hockey keeper league is a collaborative effort on the part of all managers in a fantasy hockey league. A keeper league requires that each manager in a fantasy hockey league use the players from the team they put together that season and carry a designated amount over to the following season, for as long as the fantasy hockey league is in existence. Every fantasy hockey keeper league will be unique as some leagues will require managers to bring over more players than others; some will have different scoring settings that may require managers to consider different players than others. Each experience is truly unique.

Who can join a fantasy hockey keeper league?

Anyone willing to do some off-season management can certainly keep up with a fantasy hockey keeper league.

What is involved in participating in a fantasy hockey keeper league?

Once the regular season is over, it’s imperative to keep up with off-season news in order to maximize the quality of your team. Participants looking to make the most of the keeper experience will consider making off-season trades for players and draft picks. Activity in the off-season is essential. It’s also crucial to have a group of managers that are willing to participate in off-season activities. It can become very frustrating to be in a keeper league where managers you are trying to interact with aren’t interested in off-season activity.

What does it take to run a fantasy hockey keeper league?

Organization is key. Keeping managers in the loop in the off-season may require a website or forum to keep all the information in a centralized location. The commissioner is the hub of all off-season activity, so it’s a good idea to have contact information for each manager in the league. In order to have a competitive, fair and enjoyable league, it’s the job of the commissioner to make sure each team in the league is heading into the upcoming season with the best opportunity to compete.

What are the benefits of participating/running a fantasy hockey keeper league?

People who decide to participate in a fantasy hockey keeper league will find themselves following up with off-season news pertaining to their team and, depending on the depth of the league, will have an opportunity to scout the up and coming talent in NHL. Another benefit is that the skills a person acquires in a fantasy hockey keeper league can be applied to other fantasy sports as well. Lastly, it’s a ton of fun.

What is a dynasty league?

For those so enthralled with fantasy hockey that they feel the need to go above and beyond the keeper league format, a dynasty league could satisfy that burning desire. A dynasty league will often require managers in a fantasy hockey league to not only maintain a keeper team, but draft and maintain a farm team of prospects as well. The players on the farm team are not players that are in the NHL at the time of the draft, so it requires intense scouting and serious patience.

If you’re a fantasy hockey fan but limit yourself to year-to-year league, consider jumping in to a keeper league next season. Forums are a great place to find keeper leagues as commissioners will often post keeper league openings on fantasy hockey websites.

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