Will Toews Take Revenge On Kane? And Other All-Star Questions

The nearing of the NHL All-Star Game brings more good news for Chicago: Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was named captain to one of the two NHL All-Star teams earlier today.

Chicago is already dominating at the All-Star Game with five players (Kane, Toews, Keith, Seabrook and Crawford) voted in to the lineup via an early fan vote. Chicago’s fans are many and dedicated — and apparently glued to their smartphones — and voting so many players in from one team is amazing, if not unprecedented.

I am not sure if there are instances of teams sending more than five players to the NHL All-Star Game as I was only able to go over the rosters from 2012-2000 (remember, there was no All-Star Game in 2013 due to the lockout), and my eyes can read print that small for only so long. During said time, the largest delegation sent to the All-Star Game was in 2000, comprised of four Red Wings: Chris Chelios, Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, and Nicklas Lidstrom. That’s pretty flattering company for the ‘Hawks to be in, however you slice it.  

Will It Be The Toews And Kane Show Again?

Most, if not all readers will also remember Patrick Kane using his A on Team Lidstrom in 2011 to mess with his friend, teammate and captain, Jonathan Toews. Kane made Toews wait, and wait, and wait before he was finally drafted by Team Lidstrom…which likely hadn’t happened to Toews before and was certainly not something he expected, as you can see in the interview below.

While Toews was a good sport about it, the 2014 All-Star Game might have been the best time and place to get revenge on Kane. After all, it is a dish best served cold. And this would be frigid. Congealed, even.

Sadly, it is unlikely to happen considering Kane has the A on Team Foligno, led by Nick Foligno of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Toews will be heading up his own team with A’s Ryan Getzlaf and Rick Nash. While Toews won’t be able to make Kane sweat it out as he did, there will be plenty of opportunities for Toews to “get” Kane during the All-Star Weekend.

I’ll be watching anyways, just in case a fight breaks out over Seabrook, Keith, or Crawford during the draft.

ETA: Apparently the two are already debating draft picks. This is going to be a great All-Star Weekend.