3 Major Trades the Edmonton Oilers Need to Contemplate

Half way through the 2014-15 NHL season and it has been more of the same for the Edmonton Oilers.

Seemingly endless frustration, failure and un-attained expectations have become the norm in the “City of Champions”, who have had little to celebrate since they last reached the playoffs in 2006.

In past off-seasons, free agent signings and draft picks have brought numerous players into the Oilers organization, however, various combinations of such players have thus far failed to result in any sort of sustained success. The current core of young players in place are among the best in the NHL, however, the majority of these players are forwards, a situation which has led to major gaps on defense and in between the pipes.

At their current pace, the Edmonton Oilers can’t expect to be a playoff contender anytime soon, as the most exciting proposition in Oil Country is potentially landing Junior phenom Connor McDavid with the first overall pick in the draft.

If the Oilers ever want to turn the corner and become contenders rather than pretenders, they need to begin by making major, drastic changes to their current roster.

Yes, the following hypothetical trades are radical, however these potentially huge deals, or similar, could help Edmonton emerge from its perpetual slumber.

1. Oilers Trade Jordan Eberle and Victor Fasth to Lightning for Andrei Vasilveskiy and Radko Gudas

Radko Gudas Lightning
(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

In this trade, the Edmonton Oilers could address what is likely their greatest weakness: the lack of an NHL caliber starting goaltender.

While some might say Vasilevskiy is young and still needs time to develop, Andrei has already proven himself in professional hockey. He has already played two tremendously successful seasons with Ufa Salavat Yulayev of the KHL and is now in the midst of a great season with the Syracuse Crunch of the AHL. He also played his first games in the NHL this year and certainly did not look out-of-place.

Vasilevskiy’s career statistics can be viewed here.

In the trade, the Oilers could also attract a defender in return. Radko Gudas is a solid, young player whose strong style of play would be of benefit to the Oilers in the tough Western Conference.

In trading Eberle, the Oilers would be moving one of the young, highly skilled forwards which they have accumulated over the past years. He is a proven NHL star and offensive producer whose presence on the Lightning would give Tampa Bay incredible offensive depth.

Eberle would be most likely of the young core to go, as Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is their first line centreman while Taylor Hall is one of the top Left Wingers in the NHL.

2. Oilers Trade 1st Round Pick to Toronto Maple Leafs for Morgan Reilly and Connor Brown

(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)
(Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports)

In this type of trade, the Oilers could add a solid young defenseman who is an emerging star in the NHL.

Rumors of a trade brewing between the Oilers and Maple Leafs have been circulating for some time now, as each team retains pieces the other is in desperate need of.

If the Oilers want to become competitive in the NHL in the near future, they need to stop stockpiling top young picks and begin adding NHL ready players.

For the Oilers, their first round pick this season could quite easily be Connor McDavid or Jack Eichel, both of whom will become number one centremen in the NHL and a player the Leafs desperately need.

Although it would be extremely difficult for the Leafs to part with Reilly, the acquisition of Reilly by the Oilers would be a huge step in the right direction.

On the blue line, the Oilers’ especially, Reilly would be a guaranteed top-2 pairing defender who would log significant minutes on a nightly basis. Trading for an emerging young defender such as Reilly would improve the Oilers defensive depth which already boasts Darnell Nurse and Oscar Klefbom.

3. Oilers Trade Jeff Petry and a 2nd Round Pick to the Detroit Red Wings for Xavier Ouellet

(Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)
(Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports)

The Edmonton Oilers have been looking to trade Jeff Petry for some time now and the Detroit Red Wings could be the perfect trade partner.

Petry is in the final year of his current contract and is set to become and un-restricted free agent come July 1st. Earning $3.075 million in the last year of his contract, Petry is unlikely to re-sign with the Oilers and will receive a decent raise in his next contract.

Enter the Detroit Red Wings. It is well-known that the Red Wings have been looking to increase the quality of their defensive depth, and Petry is more than likely high on their wish list. Although Detroit has a number of NHL ready defenders, Petry is a big body who is relatively sound defensively and has the ability to contribute offensively.

Petry, a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, would welcome a trade which would bring him back home, not to mention from one of the leagues worst teams to one of its best.

In this type of rental situation, the Oilers could go after one of Detroit younger defensemen, in particular Xavier Ouellet. Ouellet is a big, strong defender who appears ready to take on a full-time NHL role. Having suited up for over 20 games at the age of 21, Ouellet would be a solid addition to a young, yet increasingly skilled Oilers blue line.

Obviously a Petry for Ouellet, one for one trade would be out of the question, so the inclusion of the Oilers’ second round draft pick, which would be in the range of 31st-35th overall, would certainly make this potential deal more realistic.

What major, drastic trade should the Oilers make if possible? Comment below!

25 thoughts on “3 Major Trades the Edmonton Oilers Need to Contemplate”

  1. I don’t even know where to start. That whole article is ludicrous. Nobody trades away this years top pick when you’re in the top 3, especially not when mcgavid and eichel are available. To the guy who said that we already got 3 mcdavids (yakupov, hall, the nuge) which i assume he means first overalls. Mcdavid has the highest points per game since crosby. none of the oilers 3 first overalls were even close to that. Mcdavid is a generational player. 2 of the other 3 are very good players but not close. Also to oilers fans(myself included), we are most likely to get third overall. 12.5% chance at mcdavid, and to get eichel that means a 66% chance that somone else (not us or buffalo)will win the lottery and therefore we pick 3rd. Which means that if buffalo wins, and they have a 20% chance then we get 2nd. Thats assuming the oilers finish 29th. Which I would put money on. None of those trades makes any sense. Eberle is an established 20+ goal scorer. So in return the oilers need something that would replace his points. Or a top 3 defenceman, or a very good established goalie. Nowhere near just good prospects. They have to be at least respectful next year, or else. The red wings do seem a likely partner but ouellet is not who the oilers are after. The oilers are more likely to stand pat until the summer. Petry is a goner. And the oilers will majorly regret it. But if the guy doesn’t want to stay than how do you stop him. he will get a 2nd rounder and moderate prospect from someone. He is actually very underrated. It’s tough to look good when you’re team looks as bad as the oilers do. Whoever gets him will be happy. Fasth could be had for a 3rd rounder but is likely worth a 4th rounder. As for the Reilly etc trade for the oilers first pick is nuts. I have to think you are actually a leafs fan who is trying not to be obvious about it and are failing miserably.

  2. From a oiler fan so sorry if my values are off 1. Edm/phx martin hanzal and ekman-larson and a low value contract for jordan eberle, darnel nurse and our first round pick from pens, hoping this would be fine so we get some contract space if not sweeten the pot with either moroz or the second round pick. This trade pushes nuge down to the second line and gives the top line different look, hopefully able to take more defensive starts 2. Edm/mins teddy purcell for kyle brodziak straight across hopefully but maybe eat some contract to make them even. This trade is so that we can either play brodziak on line with gordon/Hendricks making it a pure defensive draw line or play brodziak on 4th line to give more balance of veteran leadership. 3. I am not dialed in to who is the best goaltender not starting in the nhl but for the best available swapping fasth and both the 3rd round pick via st.louis from this year and edm’s second round pick next year should be able to net you the canadian’s tokarkski or tampa’s vasilevski if not there you have to be close. Of course you resign petry hopefully after these moves are made and buyout nikitin who was overpaid and wont be healthy enough moving forward keep klinkhammer and fraser to fight for last spots on 4th line with lander/brodziak release roy or trade him yaks/drais on your RW top6 whoever gets drafted has to stay in minors

  3. What would it take to get OEL who apparently is not untouchable. I would go that direction i we dont get Mceichel. 3rd overall pick?

  4. OK Oilers Nation:

    Got your flame throwers ready?

    If the Leafs dangled a package like this for McDavid, would you take it?

    1. Bernier – shores up your goaltending NOW and in the future
    2. Our first round pick in this years draft – anywhere from 3rd to 10th – a piece for the future.
    3. Any and/or all of our defence (except Rielly) – Phaneuf, Franson, Gardiner, Polak, etc.
    4. Any and/or all of our centres (except MAYBE Kadri) – Bozak, Santorelli


  5. While Detroit would like Petry, they will not give up Ouellet. He is the forth best Dman on the team currently and should have started on the team and played all season. KH will not give up Ouellet because you throw a RH Dman at him. Sorry, but I disagree with this trade and so would all of Red Wing nation. Ouellet will grow along side of Smith and Dekeyser and be a part of the Wings’ future for years to come. There is a reason that he is playing even when Kindl is ok’d to come back now. Why would they want to try a future piece that has proven he should be on the team with his play while being called up for a rental (even if he did resign), Ouellet would be around a lot longer.

  6. Very stupid options indeed. Yes get a good D and a solid 2 way vet forward, maybe a goalie with a solid track record as a number 1, or a high talented testes young goalie. These options are never going to happen. Be better off to try and pry tokarkski, Gibson, Allan, Anderson, andersen away from one of there teams.

  7. Don’t see how ANY of these make sense. The second one is just plain lunacy. The Oilers aren’t giving up what will almost certainly be McDavid/Eichel for Rielly. And Connor Brown…? Really? Connor Brown? The trade proposal might as well be EDM’s first-rounder straight-up for Rielly which will NOT happen.
    This one sounds like an homer-tunistic Hail Mary on the part of a Leaf fan who has severely overestimated the value of Rielly and drastically underestimated the value of a top-three pick in this year’s draft.

  8. These type of ‘Blockbuster’ trades are becoming increasingly rare in our new Salary Cap era, and not just because of Money but also the amount of players a team can have under contract as well.

    It’s clear what the Oilers have been doing hasn’t worked. It’s really interesting when you compare them to the Calgary Flames…what a difference building your team around defense and adding a proven veteran Goalie in Jonas Hiller makes. Throw in some young talent (maybe not 1st overalls) like Monahan and Gudreau…plus Bennett on the way next year, and commitment to playing ‘the right way’ ie. hard work, defensive responsiblity ect.., and you can have success in this league.

    I’m a Sabres fan, and I just hope we’re learning from the mistakes the Oilers have made…and apparently continue to make.

  9. I agree that they need to do some major trades, and I also agree that they should be for goalies and defenders. But I do not think that Tampa Bay would trade for Eberle with their already so potent offensive depth, they need guys like Gudas. Vasilevsky is one of the best goaltenders not currently in the NHL so trading for him would be a great idea but i don´t think that package would make Tampa Bay take the deal.

    1st round pick for Reilly and Brown? If a defender is what you´re seeking i would rather trade down a few spots and take Noah Hanifin.

    I wanna see a trade consisting of Eberle going out and in return they get an already accomplished defender in his prime. Also, maybe a trade of Yakupov for Tommy Wingels. The Sharks get a potentially lethal forward that could join Couture in taking up after Thornton and Marleau, and Edmonton get a little edgier.

  10. No team is trading out of a McEichel spot this year. It’s just not going to happen. Certainly not for two unproven players and no 1st round pick coming back to Edmonton…that’s just beyond ridiculous.

  11. Next time try doing some research and putting thought into this. First, the Wings aren’t going to trade one of their top prospects for a guy who would be a 3rd pairing guy in Detroit and is a UFA to boot, even if they got a second rounder as well. Second, Ouellet is neither big nor strong, his best attribute is his intelligence.

  12. Petry is not worth giving up Ouellet. Petry is a defensive liability. Ouellet is learning the system from Blashill in Grand Rapids. If the Wings do not sign Babcock, look for Blashill to take over for Babcock. Blashill would have former Griffins Nyquist, Tatar, Sheahan, Mrazek and Ouellet on the 2015-16 Wings roster.

  13. This teams needs experienced players who can make an impact. What they don’t need are young players yet again. These are silly trades that bring more of the same. The Kings have a goalie that could be had, namely Jones. Grabner with the Isles looks good to be gotten since Okposo is hurt. There are a lot of possibilities and these “trades” frankly are a joke.

  14. I like the thought of building from the goal on out, which is the correct way to do it in todays NHL. Something the Oilers didn’t do during their current rebuild, they did the exact opposite and you’re seeing the product on the ice. I don’t think the McDavid for Reilly trade is the right one, McDavid will be a generational talent and Reilly is and will not be. The rest of the trades are the certainly ones the Oilers need to heavily consider. I would expect Hall and Eberle to fetch the Oilers solid young prospects and picks to rebuild their rebuild.

  15. These are the dumbest trades ideas I’ve ever seen! You can’t be serious…this is a joke piece right? That first round pick could land a generational talent and you want to give it up for Morgan Reilly? Jeff Petry is going into his prime and you want give him AND a high second round pick away for an unproven 21 year old defenseman? Jordan Eberle is a proven young sniper and a one-time NHL All Star …. and you’re willing to give him up for Vasilveskiy and Gudas? I can’t decide which idea is the dumbest. They are all so idiotic! Wow.

    • We have 3 McDavids (Nuge Hall Eberle) so what will another one do? I do think that these trades won’t nor should happen, We need a #1 goalie and Defense. So I think if we can, get Cory Schneider or Dougie Hamilton. Maybe even an Erik Johnson. Besides we should’t even be considering mcdavid we should be in the playoffs if we had competent scouting and management. We could’ve drafted studs. Here’s a few: Kevin Shattenkirk, Jakub Voracek, Claude Giroux, Ryan Mcdonagh, Brandon Dubinsky, Max Pacioretty or P.K SUBBAN. Not to mention Cory Schnieder.

  16. I think you’re in the right frame of mind here in that defencemen are desperately needed… but I think one major deal could solve the defensive woes. A package deal for Keith Yandle (who wants out), with the addition of Nurse next year, turns this defence into a very solid one. No need to stockpile on guys like Gudas, Rielly, and Ouellet. To me, all these names are still unproven – and unproven names have had a tough time in Edmonton over the years. Similar thing with Vasilevsky (although I disagree with that trade to a lesser extent) – the Oilers don’t need any more “emerging talent.” They need established talent… maybe a guy like Antti Niemi?

    Adding Gudas, Rielly, and Ouellet to a d-core that consists of Justin Schultz, Oscar Klefbom, Darnell Nurse, and Martin Marincin, makes an already young blueline even younger. This won’t solve the issues of defensive blunders and poor puck-movement. Establishment is what the Oilers need, not potential. The biggest issue there of course is attracting Yandle and Niemi to Edmonton. Those guys want to win, and the Oilers don’t do that often. This is MacTavish’s job, and anything less than that will continue the mediocrity. He wanted to be the GM, now he has to live up to it.

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