Dallas Stars Jumbotron: 10 Greatest Hits

dallas stars jumbotron

Much to the delight of NHL fans everywhere, a number of NHL teams have started to integrate some humor into their media relations. It started with the LA Kings’ Twitter account during their recent playoff runs, dishing out jokes and trash talk.

Other teams have started to follow suit, ditching the professional and uptight image most pro teams strive for in favor of entertainment and fan engagement. Jokes about ESPN and their lack of hockey coverage have been popular, especially for the Sharks and Blue Jackets’ Twitter accounts.

The new trend the past few years has been Jumbotron entertainment in-game during TV Timeouts. This time, the Dallas Stars Jumbotron has been the runaway winner. We relive some of its greatest moments below:

#10 Regarding the Dedication of Blackhawks Fans…

#9 Happy Holidays….North Korea?


#8 All of the Fun Things To Do in Winnipeg

#7 Poking Fun at the US Government

#6 Roasting NBC’s National Broadcast

#5 Some Topical In-Game Humor

First, Alex Petrovic of the Florida Panthers did this…


And later in the game…


#4 An Accurate List of the Best Rangers

#3 Remember that Depressing Super Bowl Commercial?

#2 A Celebrity Guest Appearance!


#1 Making Fun of the Leafs is Too Easy

I can’t wait to see what the Dallas Stars Jumbotron comes up with next, and I hope other teams follow suit.

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