Flames’ Harvey the Hound Seeks Redemption in Mascot Hall of Fame Vote

Last month, I was one angry hockey writer. I’d even say I was downright surly after hearing about a bogus online poll that ranked the legendary Harvey the Hound as the second worst mascot in the entire NHL. I simply couldn’t stay silent on this obvious miscarriage of justice and published a vigorous defense of the Calgary Flames‘ popular mascot and community ambassador. It was the least I could do to try and right a terrible wrong, but it seems fate has intervened and has given everyone’s favorite tongue-wagging canine a much more legitimate shot at redemption.

Harvey the Hound Calgary Flames

For those who read my article back in early September, you may have noticed that I wrapped it up with a very prophetic closing thought: “If they ever let NHL mascots into the Hockey Hall of Fame, you can certainly pencil in a certain furry-faced pooch from Calgary as the very first inductee.”

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Now, before anyone gets too excited, I must clarify something very important. No, they aren’t letting NHL team mascots into the hallowed hockey hall just yet. However, Harvey has been nominated for the next best thing – induction into the prestigious Mascot Hall of Fame in Whiting, Indiana.

There’s Really a Mascot Hall of Fame?

Before last week, I admit that I had never heard of this Mecca for Mascots, but now that I have, I am 100% behind Harvey’s campaign to be forever immortalized in the great state of Indiana. At the end of September, the Mascot Hall of Fame announced 25 deserving candidates for the first round of public voting. Harvey was one of the chosen few and deservingly made the final cut. It’s now down to 10 all-star nominees.

I’m not saying this will be easy, as the list of other candidates is quite impressive – a veritable who’s-who of the mascot universe. There are nominees from the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, and NHL, and they include such legends as fellow hockey mascot Iceburgh from the Pittsburgh Penguins, The Raptor from the Toronto Raptors, and even Globie from the Harlem Globetrotters. If Harvey wins this, he will need a massive flood of support from the “C of Red”.

The Case For Harvey the Hound’s Hall of Fame Induction is Iron-clad

There’s really only one thing I need to say that should convince each and every voter out there to choose Harvey the Hound. He was the NHL’s first-ever mascot. BOOM! What more do you need to know? OK, suppose you still need more convincing. In that case, I could also inform you that he’s made over 500 school, hospital and charity visits, attended more than 1,500 NHL games, survived a harrowing tongue removal at the hands of an Edmonton Oilers coach, and inspired the creation of countless other professional sports team mascots. I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture – Harvey is more than worthy of this high honor.

This is why Flames fans all love Harvey the Hound.

So, for all of you Flames faithful out there – you know exactly what to do. The Mascot Hall of Fame final ballot voting opens at midnight EST on Sunday, Oct. 17, and runs through Oct. 23. This is a golden opportunity to give Calgary’s top dog the recognition he truly deserves. Not only will his induction into the Hall of Fame honor a local institution that has proudly served his community since 1984, but it will also redeem the playful pooch and completely erase the memory of a shoddy online poll that sullied his good name.

Harvey the Hound is, and always will be, a good boy. It’s high time the rest of the mascot world discovered just how good.

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