Goaltending Improvements in NHL 16

EA Sports has released a brand new developer diary that explains the improvements coming to the goaltending mechanics in NHL 16.

With help from Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Eddie Lack, the developers at EA Sports Vancouver have worked to deliver the most advanced goaltending control system in the history of the franchise. And with the new precision skating system in NHL 16, the control will be as responsive as ever.

“We try to get feedback from as many people as we can, NHL players included,” lead producer Sean Ramjagsingh said. “We try to use the players as best as we can. We had freddy Andersen from Ducks was around the office. Eddie Lack helped with new goalie controls/motion.

“As much as we can, we try to leverage the players to help with the on-ice part of the game. They all have opinions.”

With the new goaltending controls, users will have the ability to push across the crease, have better control of rebounds and even have a better opportunity to play the puck when it’s either behind or in front of the net.

“Precision Skating in NHL 16 captures the authentic look and feel of a goaltender’s momentum and precise movement as you control them in the crease,” Ben Ross, associate producer, said in a press release. “When the shots start flying, decide whether to make controlled positional saves or commit to high-risk athletic saves that may leave you vulnerable to secondary chances.”

NHL 16 launches on September 15 in North America for Xbox One and PlayStation 4; it launches in Europe on September 17.