Hockey News: Zac Rinaldo Hit; Oilers Trading Draft Pick?

Seriously, why is Zac Rinaldo in the NHL? [Puck Daddy]

Connor McDavid is on top of the midseason rankings, but he’s not resting on his laurels just yet. [National Post]

Is the Leafs free-fall calculated? [Globe and Mail]

Alex Ovechkin broke a camera with his shot. [Sports Illustrated]

Ovechkin Warming Up

Craig MacTavish is willing to deal one of his first round picks. [Nichols on Hockey]

The Oilers are showing some push back and winning games. Is the tide finally turning? [Oilers Nation]

Seemingly out of nowhere, the Islanders are becoming a model franchise for how to rebuild. [The Fourth Period]

Ruslan Fedotenko is attempting a comeback. [Pro Hockey Talk]

Is there a goalie controversy brewing in Calgary? [Hockey Buzz]

Calgary Flames news
Karri Ramo (Greg Thompson/Hammersmith Studios)

NHL expansion to Las Vegas will cost a pretty penny. [The Score]

Today’s fancy stats lesson: scoring chances. [Hockey Prospectus]

Has the Blues usual strong defensive game started to slip? [Frozen Notes]

Doesn’t look like Martin Brodeur has a future in St. Louis. [Bleedin Blue]

And finally, Sean Avery is writing about stuff. [The Players Tribune]

12 thoughts on “Hockey News: Zac Rinaldo Hit; Oilers Trading Draft Pick?”

  1. You gotta love this clown Farnham, he skated around practically begging for a fight and then decides to pick a fight with a French player who has never dropped his gloves in the NHL and then gets his head nearly ripped off with one punch…what a douche…he’s a perfect fit for Pittsburgh

  2. Bobby Farnham is a career AHL goon that was brought up for last night then sent back down today.Coincidence? I think not. The Penguins have Steve Downie who was doing the same stuff Rinaldo ever since his Philly days but the shade is pulled over everyones face now because he plays for one of the softest teams in the league. Pittsbugh got away with the diving and the cheap shots for years and now the tides are finally starting to turn in todays-NHL. Its about time.

  3. Do you ever wonder if all Philly fans are 13 year olds on the playground. They make up names and call people gay all the time. If that doesn’t work, they bully and posture and try to act tough. Maybe they all just need a long detention and to grow up.

  4. Pittsburgh fans are always quick to condemn the very things they do routinely. Fine when they do it but reprehensible when another team does it to them. Ever since the biggest two faced whiner Mario was in the league they have been doing this. And of course Mario passed the torch to that difficult to stomach baby Cindy Crosby. I understand that it sucks to wake up in Pittsburgh every day but stop manufacturing this crap. The Rinaldo hit was charging but not even worth a major let alone a suspension. Change Cindy’s and Letangs dress and move on. Then cheer Cooke , Orpik , Farnham etc you bunch of whining homers.

    • I checked, and there isn’t a player in the NHL named Cindy Crosby. You may want to double check that. But thanks for reading.

    • The Rinaldo hit was dirty and that type of player really has no place in the NHL anymore. The hit was charging, hitting from behind and very close to being an elbow. He is a goon and a terrible hockey player. I think he deserves a suspension especially when you put it side by side with the hit Carcillo just got suspended 6 games for. Now I understand the hate for Crosby because he is a whiner but how can you hate Super Mario?

  5. Rinaldo is in the league because teams like Philly exist with fans like twpguy1964 still living in the past as to how the game was played in the distant past. As long as Neanderthals are a core of hockey fans, and old timers are policing things (look which ex Flyer captain is part of player safety and on their payroll), you will still have this crap. Rinaldo has no hockey skills and could not make an AHL team based on skills. He is a Flyer because he is a goon and that is the Snyder way.

    • Not sure what Cooke has to do with this, but he probably shouldn’t be in the league either based on his past, even though he does have some hockey talent. As for Farnham, what exactly has he done wrong? Thanks for reading.

  6. Rinaldo targeting players for injury is just unacceptable. But when the league does nothing to seriously punish players, this is what happens.

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