KHL To Talk With Alex Ovechkin In Case Of Lockout

The KHL’s Moscow Dynamo hockey club has announced that they would try to sign Alex Ovechkin if an NHL lockout occurs. The possibility of an NHL lockout becomes more of a reality with each passing day. Soon, many NHL players will start searching out alternative hockey options, if they haven’t already. Historically, Russia and Europe have welcomed players with open arms and flexible contracts during NHL lockouts.

If the NHL season is delayed or lost, the European and Russian hockey markets serve as the next best thing. Sweden’s Swedish Elite League, one of the most appealing option, has announced that they will not sign NHL players on a short-term basis and will require players to sign a one-year contract. However, some leagues are still more then happy to cash in on the NHL’s losses.

The KHL’s Dynamo Moscow hockey club will reportedly attempt to sign Alex Ovechkin in the event of a lockout. The Dynamo’s GM, Andrey Safronov, told the Russian news outlet, RIA Novosti, “We will talk with Ovechkin. It will be up to the head coach.”

Ovechkin is no stranger to the Dynamo, having played with them for four seasons, including the last lockout in 2004-05, which would have been his rookie season with the Washington Capitals.

The KHL, additionally will welcome back another former Dynamo, the Toronto Maple Leafs, Leonid Komarov, if he wants to go back. However, unlike the last lockout, KHL clubs will not sign an abundance of non-Russia players. In 2004-2005, 78 NHL players went to Russia. This time around, there would be fewer, as KHL clubs are allowed a maximum of five foreign players. A limit that the Dynamo have already exhausted according to Safronov.